2018 Free Agent Bids

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    Please, Only Post Bids On This Thread

    If we keep the free agency discussion in it's own thread we will be able to track our bids (and others) with greater ease.

    Thank you.

    Free Agency starts on Wednesday, February 21st at 8am.

    Here are the rules -

    1. All players that have been cut or reached the end of their contract, including UFAs, unsigned ERFA or untendered RFAs, will be available on the open market to the highest bidder.

    2. Tendered RFAs and players designated a transition tag or non-exclusive franchise tag can also be bid on but the tendering team may require compensation and also has the right to match the best offer.

    3. There will be no bonuses and all contracts will be on yearly average wage. We will not assume how many or how few years a player is signed with a team with the exception of players that accept their Tenders or players that are signed to a minimum contract. Those are all 1 year deals.

    4. All bids must be 10% higher than the last bid, rounded to the nearest $1000.
    Tendered players must be offered a value at least 10% over their tender.
    When 48 hours go by without a bid increase then the bidding is over and the player is awarded to the team with the highest bid.

    5. You have 24 hours from a won bid to sign your free agent. If you do not sign him then he will be signed automatically. You may cancel your bid before then and the player's highest bid will be set to a prior value or restarted at the Commissioner's discretion. If you win the rights to a player but refuse to sign him you will no longer be permitted to bid on that same player.

    6. A player can't be signed to a minimum contract until March 24th at 8am. At that point teams have 24 hours to make a minimum bid for any already bid on free agent or any new ones from this point on. If more than one team puts in a minimum bid without getting outbid then the owner of the minimum bid will be the team the player was on prior to free agency. If that team did not put in a bid then it would be randomized by the commissioner.

    7. You can never be over your adjusted salary cap.

    8. Please follow this bidding format to help us keep things organized within the thread. Post your new bid first, followed by the previous bid on the same player. Be sure to use the players full name. Example -
    The Giants bid on
    Axel Foley

    Previous bid
    The Raiders bid on

    Axel Foley

    <update needed> Minimum Veteran Bid Requirements (by accrued years)

    0 $465,000
    1 $540,000
    2 $615,000
    3 $690,000
    4-6 $775,000
    7-9 $900,000
    10+ $1,000,000

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  2. J.G.10 In the Gym Manager 49ers

    Wait. So what am getting from this is we only sign players to one year deals?
  3. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    You can list it out as a 3 or 5 year deal if you like, but the numbers we use are based off of the average per year. It's the easiest way to keep decent cap numbers to track.
  4. J.G.10 In the Gym Manager 49ers

    Oh ok cool so the highest average per year wins?
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  5. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    Yep, that would be the basics of it.
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  6. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    Pretty much we generally don't assume years unless the contract type being offered is by rule a 1-year deal.
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