2017 Raven's Season Wrap Up Discussion

Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by BaltSportsfan, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Tenacious Faulk M.V.P. Ravens

    I have seen three mocks in a row that have the Ravens taking a receiver. In one I saw Courtland Sutton in another from Steel Wire they showed Calvin Ridley and now one from Baltimore Beatdown Christian Kirk. I saw one just prior to this where they mocked FS Ronnie Harris to us.

    Last first: I like Harris as he looks like an Ed Reed clone and I haven't been that impressed with the inconsistency of Weddle and Jefferson's tackling. He is an Alabama boy and defensive player so we know what that means.

    The receivers: I doubt Ridley falls to 16 but if conditions play out right it could be possible OR they'll be in a position to possibly move up to get him. He's perhaps the most polished receiver in the draft and draft comparisons to Stefon Diggs (tho' he was a steal in rd5). I happen to think he's like DIggs but more dynamic. Sutton seems to be the consensus pick of most of the mock drafts I've seen to date. He would be a big body tho' slower than Perriman but more durable. Perriman. Kirk would be intriging, but I'd like to see him legitimately move up to this position before I see him drafted here (maybe he'll be around in the 2nd?). He is a tremendous KR guy, has speed and a tremendous competitor but is a body catcher and reminds me a bit of Tavon Austin. Unless he can expand his catch radius I see him following Austin's footsteps.

    *EDIT - and now a CBS mock has the Ravens with Ridley too. This has 5 QBs going in the first which would be a rare and unlikely occurrence. He's also be the 1st WR off the board in this scenario.
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  2. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    It seemed like Georgia DBs were locking him up pretty good..mayb that was their game plan but I think he fell a little w that performance
  3. Tenacious Faulk M.V.P. Ravens

    Well, Ridley only caught 4 for 32yds, but had a TD. The Team only had 187 passing yards and as much in rushing so that may have been part of the game plan. Here are some highlites that aren't just good plays he made and judge for yourself:

    Seems to me he played a decent game and mainly was the recipient of some bad throws. But he is a fearless receiver and not afraid to compete and extend away from the body to make catches. .
  4. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    On the deep post why the change of pace? No need, the DB was playing outside leverage so a little fade to the sidelines and its an easy TD instead its over thrown by a couple of inches cause of the hesitation...on the end zone fade, his hand placement causes the drop

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