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    Brandon Grace sets new golf record with the lowest round in a Major with a 62 and all Johnny Miller can do is bitch about it, calling the course an easy set-up and it's not his round of 63 at Oakmont, which was on a Sunday and won Miller his first Major. Disgraceful. Miller should be fired for those comments. He forgets he was a good golfer but never exceeded any of his rivals! He's not better than Watson and he's not better than Palmer, Trevino or Player either, but he thinks he is.

    Jordan Spieth is a whining complaining fit throwing golfer at 23 yrs old. I've watched him for 4 yrs and there's nothing to like about him. He got put on the clock for his slow play at the Masters, he then hit a bad shot and turns to the ref and yells "thanks for putting me on the clock!" He whined all day Sunday. Slammed clubs and was just a baby out there. He can't judge the wind and yells out when the wind took his ball to the rough - "what the hell was that? " It's wind you dope!

    As an American, I would like to cheer for Spieth, but I don't due to how he is on the course. And once he got the lead from his great putting, he acted all bad-ass and yelling and fist pumping and staring down the hole, his caddy or Kurchar. Unacceptable really.

    Kurchar did nothing to win this event. When Spieth bogeyed 3 early holes Sunday, Kurchar parred and didn't take advantage of the situation with birdies. He only birdied a few holes and Spieth did too. Spieth had an insane Eagle as well and Kurchar couldn't keep up.

    Shame on Royal Birkdale for not having a real out of bounds. The ruling on Spieth's shot and to be allowed to clear people out and drop on a clean lie after 30 minutes was disgraceful as well! Terrible ruling there and that was the tournament. Instead of double or triple bogey, he had a bogey and then moved on. Ridiculous to allow that.

    Onto the PGA Championship!

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