2017 NFL Mock Draft: Projection – Reflection – Perfection

NFL Mock Draft: Reflection
Round 1

1. Cleveland Browns
DE – Myles Garrett: Texas A&M
Browns Mock

I don’t believe that this pick goes any other way, but there are still several options for Cleveland. They could trade down out of this spot, gathering a king’s ransom in future picks and other draft ammunition for 2017. They could also go in another direction, such as quarterback, and shake up the entire draft for the rest of the night. If it is quarterback I have to go with Trubisky as the front runner here.

2. San Francisco 49ers
QB – DeShaun Watson: Clemson
49ers Mock

There is a high likelihood that this is in fact the wrong mock pick, with a number of possibilities available. I can still see a team like the Jets trying to leapfrog the Bears to draft Mitchell Trubisky. It could be that the 49ers go with the industry mock favorite (and the top player on our warboard), Solomon Thomas. Marshon Lattimore, Jamal Adams and Leonard Fournette are all in play here as well.

3. Chicago Bears
DL – Jonathan Allen: Alabama
Bears Mock

Allen is a good bet here with multiple ties to Chicago, but the Bears have also indicated that they will still look at taking a quarterback at #3 overall. Trubisky has some links to Chicago. The Bears have also done their homework on Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker. The smoke with Hooker is thick, but it would be a pick that we would probably pan based on our scoring metric.

4. Cleveland Browns (via JAC)
QB – Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina
Browns Mock

The first and obvious issue is that the rumor of Jacksonville looking to move down could be only that, a rumor, and there’s no guarantee that a deal can be struck for this pick. Plus, with the options that will be on the board for the Jaguars it may be difficult to coax them out of #4 overall.

5. Tennessee Titans
CB – Marshon Lattimore: Ohio State
Titans Mock

The Titans will have a lot of options here and although I like Lattimore to Tennessee I like the idea that the Titans will try to move down to regain a second round pick even more.

6. Cincinnati Bengals
RB – Leonard Fournette: L.S.U.
Bengals Mock

The Bengals may not want to give up the ammunition to move up and Fournette could be gone as early as #2 overall. The Jets could keep this pick and still end up with their pick of any of the 3 quarterbacks. There’s a lot that could be wrong about this one.

7. Los Angeles Chargers
S – Jamal Adams: L.S.U.
Chargers Mock

This pick makes too much sense for me to think far beyond it, but Malik Hooker is still the favorite by some over Jamal. There’s also the possibility that Jonathan Allen and Solomon Thomas are available making the allure of a stacked defensive front too much to pass on.

8. Carolina Panthers
DE – Solomon Thomas: Stanford
Panthers Mock

Oh the possibilities that the #8 overall pick could present the Panthers. If Thomas is somehow still on the board, I believe Carolina’s decisions is simple. If not, then everything from O.J. Howard through Cameron Robinson is on the table. I know, kind of vague, but it’s been relayed to me that the Panthers would really like to acquire Jamal Adams and have been attempting to move up without finding a solid suitor. O.J. Howard has been linked here as well as Fournette but all of the players mentioned could easily be off the board by pick 8.

9. New York Jets (via CIN)
QB – Patrick Mahomes: Texas Tech

Jets Mock

Mahomes going in the top ten is pretty far from a sure thing, and I don’t see very many people other than myself predicting it so it should probably be categorized as a long shot.

10. Buffalo Bills
TE – O.J. Howard: Alabama
Bills Mock

I think the more obvious connection for an offensive weapon here would be Mike Williams. The Bills have also shown a lot of interest in this year’s quarterbacks so a move up to snag one wouldn’t surprise. And of course, one could easily fall to them at #10.

11. New Orleans Saints
DE – Takkarist McKinely: U.C.L.A.
Saints Mock

New Orleans may not view an edge rusher as their top priority early in the draft, but if they do there is nothing guaranteeing that Takk is their guy. Charles Harris and Derek Barnett could both be in play here as well as Marshon Lattimore or Gareon Conley.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars (via CLE)
OT – Cameron Robinson: Alabama
Jaguars Mock

This is kind of uncomfortably high for me to mock Robinson and it’s solely based on a tip I got early in the process. Ultimately, if Cleveland is still holding this pick I believe the will look to move down and continue to add future and present draft ammo.

13. Arizona Cardinals
WR – Mike Williams: Clemson
Cardinals Salary Cap

The Cardinals probably don’t view receiver as a huge need and they could easily skip over Mike to go a number of different directions.

14. Philadelphia Eagles
WR – John Ross: Washington
Eagles Mock

There is so much linking John Ross to the Eagles at this pick, from the extensive team research to my source in Philly claiming that the Eagles are exploring options to make a small move up the board to ensure that they can have Ross on their roster next season that I have a difficult time pushing another pick here. If Ross is off the board or they decide the risk on the medical is too much, Christian McCaffrey becomes a front runner here as well as Gareon Conley and a long list of pass rushers.

15. Indianapolis Colts
RB – Christian McCaffrey: Stanford
Colts Mock

I really like this pick for both player and team, but the Colts have a lot of problems to attend to in this draft and may look at McCaffrey as a luxury item they cannot afford. Hooker, Conley, Humphrey, Reddick, Foster and perhaps Tyus Bowser would all be on the table for 15.

16. Baltimore Ravens
S – Malik Hooker: Ohio State
Ravens Mock

The industry regulars would point at this and say that Hooker is long gone by this pick, so that would be the obvious rub. The Ravens may believe that tackle is a bigger concern and pass on Malik. Pass rusher is also a strong possibility.

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17. Washington Redskins
LB –
Haason Reddick: Temple
Redskins Mock

The first thing I don’t like about this pick is the idea that Reddick is still available. My personal rankings would have him gone by this point rather easily. Aside from that, I really like this pick for Washington if Haason were to be available and have a hard time pushing another player here. Obi Melinfonwu may be considered here along with Dalvin Cook or Christian McCaffrey if he slides some.

18. Tennessee Titans
WR – Corey Davis: Western Michigan
Titans Mock

Corey Davis has been falling in my first round mocks simply because of how much his stock has cooled but there is definite potential for his selection happening earlier than #18. The Titans could easily  double down on defense in the first round.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
TE – David Njoku: Miami
Buccaneers Mock

This is a very strong possibility for the Bucs as Njoku has a strong current flowing that direction, but the Bucs have several other issues they may look to prioritize. Safety might be at the top of the list along with an edge rusher. Don’t count out offensive tackle as a possibility and Dalvin Cook has some serious buzz for Tampa.

20. Denver Broncos
OT – Ryan Ramczyk: Wisconsin
Broncos Mock

I think offensive tackle may be a foregone conclusion at this pick, but if Christian McCaffrey is still available the smoke is starting to get thicker to the Broncos. Heard an interesting rumor about Corey Davis at this spot as well.

21. Detroit Lions
DE – Taco Charlton: Michigan
Lions Mock

The Lions have shown some strong interest in Taco but I believe corner back is a solid bet here as well. If Njoku were to still be available I believe Detroit would definitely be considering that option.

22. Dallas Cowboys (via MIA)
DE – Derek Barnett: Tennessee
Cowboys Mock

The first thing to point out is how Derek is being perceived by most mainstream analysts as compared to our scoring metric. Just about every industry mock has Barnett of the board well before this pick but this feels like much better value when compared to how we score his play. There are some ties to Melinfonwu as well as Fabian Moreau and both of those selections would work well.

23. New York Giants
OT – Garett Bolles: Utah
Giants Mock

This is an interesting pick to monitor on Thursday as the Giants have shown strong interest in three different positions. At linebacker, Jarrad Davis appears to be the front runner while at tight end, David Njoku seems to be a coveted player of the G-Men. There’s also the possibility of Cameron Robinson or Ryan Ramczyk here.

24. Oakland Raiders
CB – Chidobe Awuzie: Colorado
Raiders Mock

The Raiders have the potential to look in a lot of different directions here as the ties to Awuzie are good, but not rock solid. Malik McDowell was a rumored favorite early on and running back could be in play here as well.

25. Houston Texans
CB – Adoree Jackson: U.S.C.
Texans Mock Draft

I like Adoree Jackson, but I don’t know how much I like putting him in the first round. The Texans are being mocked quarterbacks nonstop at this pick so I could have the wrong side of the ball altogether.

26. Seattle Seahawks
S – Obi Melinfonwu: Connecticut
Seahawks Mock

The Seahawks may find themselves with one of the top three offensive tackles available and that could be too tempting to pass on. If either Mike Williams or Corey Davis are available that could be a strong possibility for Seattle as well.

27. Kansas City Chiefs
LB – Zach Cunningham: Vanderbilt
Chiefs Mock

The Chiefs are another late drafting team that could potentially draft a quarterback if one is still remaining from the top three options. Corner back and defensive line will be in play here as well.

28. Miami Dolphins (via DAL)
S – Marcus Maye: Florida
Dolphins Mock

I’ve only seen two other analysts place Maye in the first round so this is more of an outsider pick. The Dolphins need help on the DL and the OL as well.

29. Green Bay Packers
OLB – T.J. Watt: Wisconsin
Packers Mock

Green Bay could very easily take Lamp here if he’s available considering the need up front. Corner back will also be a consideration in the first and running back could happen here as well. There is some slant towards Joe Mixon here but considering his off-field history I can’t imagine him being the pick for the Packers in the first round. Alvin Kamara or Dalvin Cook would make more sense.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers
OLB – Derek Rivers: Youngstown State
Steelers Mock

Most consider Derek Rivers a second round talent so I’m combining my personal projections with an insider rumor to have Rivers here. The Steelers could go after a safety, go corner again or shock everyone with a selection of Patrick Mahomes if he falls to 30.

31. Atlanta Falcons
OG – Forrest Lamp: Western Kentucky
Falcons Mock

Forrest could easily be off the board for this pick and the Falcons may prioritize defense here. Edge rusher is a strong possibility with an outside chance at wide receiver.

32. New Orleans Saints (via NE)
LB – Reuben Foster: Alabama
Saints Mock

I think there is a strong possibility that the Saints trade down to end out the first with a team that is looking to lock up DeShone Kizer for the additional year (looking right at you ARI) but there are so many solid options still on the board here that it’s too long of a list to put up. Foster’s stock is so fluid right now that he could still go in the top 16 or continue to fall to the mid second.


  1. I like the perfection pick for Atlanta of Bowser but I’m not sure how many people are really looking at him in the first round.

    There will be 6 corners that go in the first round so I disagree with a lot of your mock.


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