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The Friday Sports Report – NFL Rumor Mill

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The Pittsburgh Steelers will seriously consider drafting Patrick Mahomes with their first round pick

Patrick MahomesThis might not go over too well with Steeler Nation but there is enough smoke on this one to signal the start of a fire. Mahomes was in Pittsburgh for an official visit and the Steelers also spoke with him at the combine so there is an obvious interest from the black and gold.

To go more in depth with this rumor – it was relayed to me that if Mahomes is available and there main target is off the board at 3o (and no one has taken the kind of tumble that would make him a must draft) then Patrick will be getting a call from Mike Tomlin.

Who’s the targeted player I am referencing? That would be Derek Rivers of Youngstown state, and from what was gleaned to me I have a feeling that if Rivers is within striking distance for a trade-up, Pittsburgh will be attempting to move up in the first round to acquire his services.

You can put us down as in favor of the move for Rivers as he will most likely end up being our second highest rated 3-4 OLB and 3rd highest 4-3 DE in our final rankings.

And you can also mark us down as being good with the drafting of Mahomes as he is our top ranked passer for 2017.

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