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The Friday Sports Report – 2017 NFL Draft Prospects

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Defensive Back

Let’s look at a group of four defensive backs, broken into pairs, how we viewed them to start the year and how things appear now.

Teez TaborWe’ll start with two players on the decline in Cordrea Tankersly and Jalen “Teez” Tabor. In Tabor’s situation, we had initially moved him down our rankings due to character concerns. The next drop was from the initial film review scoring and the final move out of the top 10 came after the combine. Jalen’s lack of high end athleticism became apparent on tape and was confirmed by his testing in Indianapolis.  When you factor in all of the question marks from personality issues to athletic concerns there is no reason to even consider Tabor in the first 3 rounds.

Tankersley doesn’t have the character concerns of Tabor, but the athletic questions are similar. What further works against Cordrea is his inability to anticipate and forward think on a consistent, down to down basis. Against professional level competition the amount of separation that receivers get against Cordrea is only going to increase. I cannot see the basis for including him in the top 5 corners in this draft class and our metric has his comparative value at  the middle of the fourth round.

On the other end of the spectrum, we find two corners that probably should have gotten more pub going into the pre-draft process than they initially received.

We started the scoring for Fabian Moreau with a relative grade near the top of the second round. After the combine confirmed the athelticism we viewed on tape, that score adjusted to a value relative of a late first round pick which is where we find a lot of the analysis for Moreau starting to be directed. The physical traits combined with his quick ascension in understanding the position (made the change from RB to CB) shows the inherent ability to become a lock down corner at the professional level.

Howard Wilson should be getting more serious discussion as a late second round pick as his athletic testing shows the high level ability needed to become an instant impact player in the secondary. Wilson has flashed in college with the ability to take away passes and jump routes with good anticipation. He has room to grow some and add weight to his frame without losing much, if any quickness. Howard is being considered a high 4th round pick by most and when compared to that, we consider Wilson one of the best value picks in this draft class.


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