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As the most important position on the field starts to see its front runners emerge for the 2017 NFL Draft, it seems only fitting to point out that potential first round pick Patrick Mahomes was a player that was considered a long shot for day one at the beginning of the 2016 collegiate season.

Patrick MahomesI first started suggesting Patrick as an early draft selection back near the start of October. All of the physical traits are there along with a strong competitive drive and a willingness to put his body in harms way to continue the play. He’s a high character kid with a ceiling that looms over any other quarterback in this class.

When I put the game film on the things that stand out immediately are a couple of negatives, those being awkward footwork and a throwing motion that never seems to repeat the exact same pattern. Both of those quickly fade to the background once you notice how effortlessly he chucks the pigskin around the yard. With a flick of the wrist, Mahomes can launch a rocket through traffic or arc a timed fade into an envelope box. His ability to extend plays with his feet and shrug off potential tacklers cannot be overstated.

Similar to when we advocated taking Jimmy Garoppolo over Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr, our take on it this season is to pass on Mitchell Trubisky, DeShaun Watson and DeShone Kizer.

Right now it looks like Patrick Mahomes will be available in the bottom of the first where a team might want to trade back into the round to snag our favorite quarterback in this class. The Cardinals are currently viewed as our ideal fit.


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