The Friday Sports Report – 2017 NFL Draft Predictions Articles 

The Friday Sports Report – 2017 NFL Draft Predictions

We’ll take a look at some offense this Friday and come back to look at the defense next week. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be drafted in the top 10 More and more I believe that GMs and scouts are much higher on Patrick than the analytical community, and in my opinion they should be. He’s the top rated passer on our board and he possesses the highest ceiling in this draft class. Three quarterbacks will go in the top 10 You read that right, I believe three passers will come…

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2017 NFL Mock Draft 6.0 Articles College Mock Draft NFL Draft 

2017 NFL Mock Draft 6.0

NFL Mock Draft – 4/10/2017 Round 1 1. Cleveland Browns DE – Myles Garrett: Texas A&M This pick is all but locked up. The Browns would need a king’s ransom and probably more to move out of the #1 overall pick. 2. San Francisco 49ers QB – Mitchell Trubisky: N. Carolina This is a selection that is picking up a little steam as we near the draft. The Kirk Cousins situation in Washington is unresolved but the animosity¬† between the two parties seems to have lessened to a degree. If…

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