Interview with Western Kentucky Offensive Guard Forrest Lamp Articles College Interview NFL Draft 

Interview with Western Kentucky Offensive Guard Forrest Lamp

MATT: We’d like to thank you again for taking your time to do this with us, Forrest! We’ve got a good amount of fans from our site excited to get to ask you questions, especially our draft obsessed guys! These first two questions are provided by the fan from our site that drafted you 25th overall with the Houston Texans in our website’s first Collaborative Mock Draft. Now, if you don’t know what a Collab Mock Draft is, it’s a Mock Draft that has 32 “General Managers” that are 32…

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Interview with Arkansas Defensive Lineman Deatrich Wise Jr. Articles College Interview NFL NFL Draft 

Interview with Arkansas Defensive Lineman Deatrich Wise Jr.

Prospect: DE – Deatrich Wise Jr., Arkansas We’d like to thank Deatrich for taking the time to answer some questions with us. MATT: To start off with, you’ve noted in the past that you’ve got the versatility and talent to play in different positions along the line of a defense. That being said, is there a certain defensive scheme at the next level that you’d be the most comfortable playing? DEATRICH: It doesn’t matter what defensive Scheme I play in. I believe I can thrive in any scheme, whether I’m…

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2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 Articles College Mock Draft NFL Draft 

2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

NFL Mock Draft – 2/24/2017 Round 1 1. Cleveland Browns DE – Myles Garrett: Texas A&M The Browns are rumored to have a grade on Garrett that supersedes any other player in the 2017 draft class by a wide margin. There’s no reason at this point to believe they are blowing smoke, although I am still of the mindset that Cleveland ultimately moves down from this spot and acquires more draft picks including another first for 2018. 2. San Francisco 49ers WR – Mike Williams: Clemson Kyle Shanahan knows all…

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NFL Draft – Race for #1 Articles NFL 

NFL Draft – Race for #1

We’re at that point in the 2015 NFL season where the chaff is being separated from the wheat. It’s only the start of week 9 and Head Coaches Joe Philbin in Miami and Ken Whisenhunt in Tennessee have already been fired. Fans of under-performing teams have reconciled to themselves that they might just as well start making quilts out the scraps and have set their sights on, at least, salvaging the 2015 season with the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft. There are currently nine teams with only…

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NFL Draft Diaries – The Heisman QB Crap Shoot Articles NFL 

NFL Draft Diaries – The Heisman QB Crap Shoot

The 2015 NFL Draft will have not one but two Heisman Trophy winners vying for a job with an NFL team in Quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. It really isn’t that rare of an occurrence anymore as it has happened in eight prior drafts since 1950 with four of those eight since 2006 and in each of the eight occurrences, it was because one of the Heisman winners was at most a college Junior when they won the award. [Note: I elected to start with the 1950 draft as…

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NFL Draft Diaries – 1999, Let’s Make a Deal Articles NFL 

NFL Draft Diaries – 1999, Let’s Make a Deal

I would venture that even the most casual of NFL fans can recall when the New Orleans Saints traded every available pick from the 1999 draft (and then some) to the Washington Redskins in order to select Heisman Trophy winning running back Ricky Williams. For me, the images of Mike Ditka wearing fake dreadlocks and the cover of Sports Illustrated with Williams in a wedding dress are fresh in my mind still to this day. The fact that New Orleans compiled only a 3-13 record in 1999 is significant because,…

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NFL Draft Diaries – 1982 Articles NFL 

NFL Draft Diaries – 1982

Over the years, much has been written and discussed about how important the draft is to each NFL team. It’s generally recognized as being the life blood for a franchise. Make a mistake on a play call and it could cost your team a first down or even a victory. Make a mistake on draft day and it could set your team back two, three or even more years. But not all mistakes are created equally. In 2003, the Minnesota Vikings missed their allotted 7th overall pick because they didn’t…

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