Derek Barnett
Derek Barnett
Pos:Defensive Lineman
Age/DoB:20 (6-25-96)
Height Wt 40YD Vertical Bench Broad 3Cone Shuttle
6′-3″ 265

Barnett's combine crucial

From columnist Aaron Bunten - Derek Barnett’s bread and butter is winning with speed and snap anticipation. He uses his snap anticipation and swiftness to burst inside the offensive tackle and blow up inside run plays. Barnett also uses snap anticipation in his pass rush, allowing him to start his rush with an advantage over the blocker. In addition, Barnett uses his speed, ability to get low, and bend under the hands of the offensive tackle.

While the above is true at the collegiate level, I personally question whether Barnett's speed and burst will translate to point of attack wins at the professional level. While I don't see a fall like Damontre Moore's in the 2013 draft (after combine testing), I do feel that Derek has the highest probability of falling on some boards with scores in Indy that are anything less than above-average.

February 27, 2017, 2:25 pm

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