DeMarcus Walker
DeMarcus Walker
Pos:Defensive End
Age/DoB:22 (9-30-94)
College:Florida State
Height Wt 40YD Vertical Bench Broad 3Cone Shuttle
6′-3″ 273

Walker achieves personal goal

From columnist Greg Auman - Auman: You had 16 sacks as a senior. Which were you most proud of?

Walker: "Before the season, I had a goal of 15 sacks. I told a few people. I didn't tell everybody. The people I told were very close to me: my trainer back home, my coach, my family and everything. They were like, 'That's a high number.' I was like 'Watch me work for it.' Going against Florida, going into that game, I had 13 sacks. Late, third down, I got 14. I needed one more. Our offense got the ball back after my 14th sack and they're looking to drain the clock. Drain the clock and we take the game. (Deondre) Francois fumbles and Florida gets the ball back. I was like 'Wow.' So I'm sad about the fumble, but lowkey, I wanted Florida to get the ball back, because I wasn't done with them. First down, I went and got my 15th sack. I got up, and I felt so accomplished. I love accomplishing goals. I usually celebrate, but with that 15th sack, I just put my hands with a shrug, like 'What else do I have to prove?'"

Walker is a physical, attacking defensive lineman that seems to be viewed much higher by scouts than by analysts. One former scout disclosed that he believes Walker may be the third best defensive lineman in this class and notes that Garrett may have more burst but does not possess the tenacity of DeMarcus. We're not in 100% agreement with that assessment and question Walker's ability to remain on the edge at the pro level. An ideal fit may be as a rotational lineman that can squeeze into the middle in a 4-3 front.

February 26, 2017, 8:46 pm

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