NFL Player Updates

Brandon Marshall


Brandon Marshall is dealing with a ‘sprained’ ankle.
I’m not sure that the term ‘sprained’ will accurately reflect the severity of this injury when it is all said and done with. This was a nasty looking turn of the foot and I would expect Brandon to be extremely limited if he returns, but more than likely he is going to miss some time.

Carson Palmer


Carson Palmer looks like a quarterback that has left his best play in the past.
Palmer completed 28-of-44 passes for 291 yards and 1 touchdown. What was more noticeable than the stats was how they were accumulated. Palmer appears to have lost a lot of pop in his arm and it is clearly limiting his ability to get the ball into tight windows with Carson opting to take easy, relatively safe passes. This season is quickly becoming a ‘throw away’ year for the Cardinals as they appear to be another likely candidate to go after a quarterback early in the 2018 draft.

Antonio Brown


Antonio Brown displays his usual game day dominance.
Brown received 10-of-19 targets for 157 yards. Antonio got back to doing what he does, dominating defensive backs. Brown continues to show why he is the top wide receiver in the NFL despite spotty play by his quarterback. From a fantasy standpoint, Brown is an obvious every week start. From a reality point of view, the question for Brown’s future value in Pittsburgh will be whether or not Ben Roethlisberger follows through with his retirement in 2018.

LeVeon Bell


Le’Veon Bell remains a pass catching threat in a lopsided loss.
Bell rushed 15 times for 47 yards and reeled in 10 passes for 46 yards. The reception numbers pop out and it’s typical for Le’Veon when the Steelers are playing from behind. Although Bell has shown glimpses of his high end play there has also been signs that he is still struggling to find a rhythm in his game. Le’Veon will need to do more for Pittsburgh to secure the top spot in the AFC North so long as the quarterback play from the Steelers continues to struggle.

Ben Roethlisberger


Ben Roethlisberger implodes against an opportunistic Jaguars pass defense.
Roethlisberger completed 33-of-55 passes for 312 yards and 5 interceptions. After this horrid outing, Ben was quoted as saying “Maybe I don’t have it anymore.” While I’m positive there are Steelers fans this morning that would agree it’s still early in the season to write off one of the better quarterbacks in football. The story with Roethlisberger is always the same. He has the arm, he has the mobility, he’s tough to bring down but the part of the game that is won above the shoulders is not always part of the package. Pittsburgh will only go as far as Ben’s arm will take them and if there are more outings like this in 2017 they could very easily squander a season full of promise. The Steelers are almost certain to make a move for a valued signal caller in the 2018 draft.

Pierre Garcon


Pierre Garcon starts hot then fades in Indy.
Garcon hauled in 8-of-11 targets for 94 yards. Early on it looked like Pierre was set to have the type of outing that players look for when they return to play their former team but the Colts were able to focus their efforts on Garcon and slow him down throughout the remainder. Garcon has shown that even with spotty quarterback play he can put up decent numbers so a future with a new passer in San Francisco should be very bright for the veteran pass catcher.

Carlos Hyde


Carlos Hyde disappears in the second half of Sunday’s game.
Hyde rushed 8 times for 11 yards and caught his only target for 7 yards. The biggest takeaway from this effort is that Carlos does not appear to be healthy and considering the type of injury he could see a decreased workload for several weeks. Hyde has been putting together a solid 2017 so this is definitely a situation to monitor moving forward.

Brian Hoyer


Brian Hoyer throws for solid yardage in a losing effort.
Hoyer completed 29-of-46 passes for 353 yards and 2 touchdowns. It was a slow start to an eventual losing effort and it’s looking like a theme for the 2017 49ers. Hoyer is what he is, and it ain’t good, so the waiting game is on until San Francisco either signs a franchise quarterback (looking right at you Kirk Cousins) or drafts one in 2018.

Doug Martin


Doug Martin was impressive on his season debut.

Martin lead all rushers with 74 yards and a TD on 13 carries. Unfortunately the Bucs felt the need to throw the ball after his 1st down gains and they were trailing all game so he never got a chance to truly establish himself into the game plan. Going forward Martin is a high-end RB1 that should be starting in any lineup.


DeSean top target in Bucs’ loss to Pats.

Jackson had 5 catches for 106 yards on a team-leading 9 targets and was instrumental in keeping his team in contention throughout the game. It was his 1st 100-yard game with the Bucs and it’s become clear that Winston is utilizing him along with Cameron Brate and Mike Evans. However, he hasn’t been a factor in the redzone and that may have to do with his size and the use of tight ends. Jackson remains a WR2 going forward with big play potential.

Kirk Cousins


Kirk Cousins finds his play in a comfortable spot in week 3.
Cousins completed 25-of-30 passes for 365 yards and 3 touchdowns. It was more of a workman like performance from Cousins and the type of outing that is probably just a little better than what we have come to expect from him. Kirk needs to continue to play well to maximize his dollar at the end of this season, or to maximize the payout from San Francisco, whichever way you want to look at it. The weapons in Washington are good enough for Cousins to put his first two weeks of this season behind him. He will probably come back down to earth a bit in week 4 as the Redskins face the Chiefs.

DeShone Kizer


DeShone Kizer’s struggles appear to worsen through the first 3 weeks of his rookie season.
Kizer completed 22-of-47 passes for 242 yards, 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. It was actually worse and yet somehow better than his stat line as his receivers dropped a number of passes but DeShone also completely whiffed and put the ball in some very poor locations. Kizer needs to stop doing all of the little things that he did in college that cost his team field position and yardage. It’s an extremely tall task for any rookie to accomplish but it’s even more difficult for a passer that has a history of accuracy issues. Our biggest knock on DeShone in that department was his inability to throw receivers open, and it’s something that opposing defenses are going to exploit as Kizer continues to rifle electric passes into stationary targets but completely misses the mark with a lack of anticipation accuracy. The clock on head coach Hue Jackson’s experiment at quarterback is accelerating and likely with it, his time in Cleveland. If Kizer cannot turn it around and lead the Browns to a couple wins in 2017 there could be a massive shake-up again for the Browns as owner Jimmy Haslam has shown little patience in the past with the necessary rebuilding of his club.

Stefon Diggs


Stefon Diggs plays out of his mind in a big home win for Minnesota.
Diggs reeled in 8-of-11 targets for 173 yards and 2 touchdowns. In an afternoon where the receivers would need to be excellent for the Vikings to secure the win at home, Diggs was just that. Stefon couldn’t be covered and produced solid yardage after the catch. Having Case Keenum as your quarterback can leave a fan feeling like the outcome might be decided before the game starts but the Vikings were very efficient in this one and Diggs was the go-to player leading the way.

Tarik Cohen


Tarik Cohen continues to ‘wow’ on Sundays.
Cohen had 102 combined yards on 16 touches. ‘Tarik the Freak’ continues to bust out chunk plays and be a general nuisance for opposing defenses. He’s a legitimate weapon in a shaky offense that found some footing in a tough fought home win, their first of the season. Chicago will continue to improvise ways of getting the ball into Cohen’s hands as he has shown a remarkable ability to turn an average play into a highlight reel. Tarik is locked into the passing attack as the Bears receiving weapons are average at best.

Joe Flacco


Joe Flacco left his ‘A’ game at home when he left to cross the Atlantic.
Flacco completed 8-of-18 passes for 28 yards and 2 interceptions. Before I continue, just let that stat line sink in…

Joe started his trip to the U.K. in horrible fashion and continued to stumble around in a ‘London fog’ throughout much of the day. He didn’t complete a single pass on the first four Ravens drives that all went three and out. Flacco had difficulty in making the most basic reads and when he had the opportunity to complete some easy looks he simply misfired. Baltimore is in for a horrible 2017 if Joe cannot correct his latest woes. One has to question the status of Flacco’s back injury and whether or not it’s a factor in his play.


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