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Q1:: Are there any wide receivers that are set to break out this year? (Cole in Atlanta GA)

Taking a quick look around the league I see few players at wide receiver that are set to blow up. The draft could change all of that as new players will come into the position and potentially 3 quarterbacks could end up with starting gigs, changing the outlook of several receivers. Right now I’d keep an eye on Breshad Perriman, Corey Coleman and Quincy Enunwa. All three of their situations will be on the upswing. Both Coleman and Perriman will have a healthy chance to be on the field and Enunwa showed last season that he may evolve into a legitimate, every down weapon.

Q2:: How much f—king longer do I have to put up with Jon Fox and Ryan Pace? (anonymous)

That’s kind of a loaded question, as this draft may impact that greatly. If Chicago is truly rolling with Mike Glennon and avoiding the selection of a quarterback at the top of the draft (specifically if there is one available) then Pace and Fox may be putting their employment in Chicago on the line. If Glennon fails miserably, they both could be out.

However, I believe they will be a middle of the road team again this season which basically guarantees that both of them will be back for 2018. I get the sense that’s not the answer you want to read, but it’s my honest evaluation of the situation.

Q3:: What is it going to take for a team to get the Seahawks to trade Richard Sherman? (Miller in Akron OH)

Interesting question…

My gut feeling is at least a second round pick. A high second alone might do it but a late second may need to have another late pick attached to it.

If that is the actual asking price, my advice is to keep the picks and let that situation unfold in Seattle. Depending on how it plays out you could see Richard on the open market as early as 2018.

Q4:: Give me a favorite undrafted free agent this year. Is there anybody you like? (Steven in Ashland KY)

I’ve been looking at a lot of late round names but there is one player in particular that sticks out to me, edge rusher Johnathan Calvin of Mississippi State. It would not surprise me to see him sneak into the bottom rounds of the draft as 3-4 based teams will be looking for edge rushing diamonds late in the draft. If he does go undrafted on Saturday I expect him to get plenty of attention immediately after and have an opportunity within a few hours.

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