Interview with Western Kentucky Offensive Guard Forrest Lamp


MATT: We’d like to thank you again for taking your time to do this with us, Forrest! We’ve got a good amount of fans from our site excited to get to ask you questions, especially our draft obsessed guys! These first two questions are provided by the fan from our site that drafted you 25th overall with the Houston Texans in our website’s first Collaborative Mock Draft. Now, if you don’t know what a Collab Mock Draft is, it’s a Mock Draft that has 32 “General Managers” that are 32 members from our site’s forums that each handle an individual team. Needless to say, if he hadn’t selected you there, one of our other fans would have very soon after. With all that being said, let’s get right to the first question: “Is there a specific guy you found tough to block in college?”

FORREST: There was never a specific guy I struggled with, but obviously some players are better than others. Jonathan Allen, Tim Williams, and Ryan Anderson from Alabama were all great players. Arden Key from LSU was another good player, as was Jaylon Ferguson from LA tech. Those players stand out as the best competition.

MATT: That’s certainly a list of great defenders! I’m sure they would appreciate the compliments, and would say something similar to you in return. Now, the previously mentioned fan’s second question is, “Are there any current NFL Offensive Lineman you study to improve your game? If so, who?”

FORREST: Yes! I love watching players such as Zach Martin from the Dallas Cowboys, Ali Marpet from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Joe Thomas from the Cleveland Browns.

MATT: Those are three great NFL Offensive Linemen who would help any prospect looking to improve their game through film. Being from a school outside of the power five conferences, when did you know that you had a legitimate shot at making the NFL? Despite what our draft fanatics have been thinking for a while, you being talked about going in the first round is just now lately being more talked about on the major sports websites and channels. What’s going through your mind right now as far as that goes?

FORREST: It was always my dream to play in the NFL, so there was never a moment where I thought I wouldn’t. I knew I would get there, but I just had a lot of work to do! (Haha!) However, I try not to pay attention to the rankings, the articles, etc. God will put me where I will fit best.

MATT: Glad to hear that your faith is keeping you focused and not letting you get wrapped up in the draft rumors. Speaking of the draft, you are considered the top interior offensive lineman prospect in the draft. Would you feel slighted if you weren’t the first one off the board?

FORREST: Every team is different, and each team has different needs. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not every team is going to see me as the best offensive lineman! So, no I wouldn’t feel slighted, but I would remember that for the rest of my career.

MATT: I’m sure the teams that skip out on selecting you will remember it too! Here’s another good question from our draft fanatics: “What Western Kentucky freshman or sophomore should us draft freaks keep our eyes out for in the next year or two?”

FORREST: There are two players that come to mind, though our school is full of talent. Offensive Lineman Dennis Edwards and Linebacker Joel “Iggy” Iyiegbuniwe. I expect great things from both of them!

MATT: We will be keeping an eye on them now, if we haven’t been already! That’s great Intel for us! This next question is pretty straight forward! Do you have any preference as far as what position and/or scheme that you’ll end up playing during your time in the NFL?

FORREST: I don’t care at all what scheme I end up in, I just want to play football.

MATT: That’s fair. Show teams that you’re confident no matter what! This is a bit less of a serious question. What kind of car might you buy if some team ends up selecting you in the first round?

FORREST: I would say probably a Dodge Challenger.

MATT: Great choice. I am a Mustang guy, myself! If you could select what team drafts you, who would you pick? Perhaps a childhood favorite of yours, or maybe a hometown team?

FORREST: I grew up a Bucs fan! I’m from Florida, so anywhere in my home state would be awesome for both my friends and family.

MATT: I’m sure your friends and family would adore getting to watch you play locally! Now, what was your favorite moment at Western Kentucky outside of football?

FORREST: Just getting to meet some lifelong friends meant a lot to me!

MATT: Now, we’ve arrived to the final question! We’d like to sincerely thank you for your time, and wish you nothing but the best regarding the upcoming draft and your NFL career in general. Where and with whom do you plan on watching the NFL draft?

FORREST: Thanks guys. I was invited to Philadelphia to attend the Draft, but I’m unsure if I’ll go. I’m still trying to decide! If I don’t go, I will watch it with my girlfriend. Hopefully somewhere in Florida near a beach!

(It should be noted since our interview, he wasn’t on the list of scheduled prospects to attend. So, enjoy that beach Forrest!!)

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