Interview with Arkansas Defensive Lineman Deatrich Wise Jr.


Prospect: DE – Deatrich Wise Jr., Arkansas

We’d like to thank Deatrich for taking the time to answer some questions with us.

MATT: To start off with, you’ve noted in the past that you’ve got the versatility and talent to play in different positions along the line of a defense. That being said, is there a certain defensive scheme at the next level that you’d be the most comfortable playing?

DEATRICH: It doesn’t matter what defensive Scheme I play in. I believe I can thrive in any scheme, whether I’m playing as a 4-3 or a 3-4 DE.

MATT: You’ll no doubt be visiting teams for interviews and workouts. One could assume you might possibly have some butterflies in your stomach in anticipation for said visits. How do you prepare yourself for these in order to be as confident as possible?

DEATRICH: I prepare myself by staying in shape, so when called to workout, I’ll be at my best performance. When it comes to interviews, I’ll stay on top of my football knowledge, and practice old questions so that when I’m asked everything will run smoothly.

MATT: You’ve got multiple teammates that are expected to be drafted along with yourself. Is there any friendly competition to see who gets drafted first? Do you yourself have any expectations on when you’ll get drafted?

DEATRICH: No, to me it doesn’t matter who gets drafted first or when I go. I just wish much success to my teammates, and I want them to know that it doesn’t matter when or where you go in the draft, it’s what you do when you get there that matters.

MATT: If there was one current or retired NFL player that you would compare yourself to, who would it and why?

DEATRICH: Julius Peppers, because I’ve modeled part of my game after him, and I have a similar body type as well.

MATT: While on the topic of college, what is going to be the one thing you’ll miss most about your time in Fayetteville? If you’ll recall, I mentioned I lived there for a few years, and I really enjoyed myself! The countryside is beautiful and long strip of bars near the university were so much fun! In comparison to the question at hand, is there anything you’ll regret from your time playing in college?

DEATRICH: I’ll miss my teammates the most and the memories we shared together. I don’t have any regrets.

MATT: These next couple of questions are ones similar to the type of questions we will ask to get to know you a little bit better outside of football. I feel that not enough interviewers ask questions about you, the player, as a person. To start off with, what TV shows do you watch during your down time? Also, do you play any video games? I myself am an avid player of NBA 2K17 and Madden!

DEATRICH: I rarely watch tv, but when I do, I watch shows like Once upon a time, Black-ish, or Modern Family on Hulu. I also like playing Madden and 2K17, along with UFC.

MATT: Which person in your life whether it be a family member, coach, teacher or friend, has had the greatest impact on your life and why?

DEATRICH: My father. He has taught me everything I know. He has been there mentally, physically, and spiritually for me.

MATT: Well, Deatrich, we certainly appreciated you taking the time to answer these questions. We’ve got one last question, but before we ask it, we’d just like to say that we wish you the best of luck in the upcoming draft, and look forward to getting to see you play in the NFL. That being said, where and with whom do you plan on watching the draft?

DEATRICH: My family girlfriend and a few of my friends will be with at my house during the draft.

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