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Let's get this going. Here are my 3 teams. I won't get into the money details but I will just get what I can out of the way now. The Eagles are using most of their cap space. It wasn't the plan but I decided to use the space in the end to get Sean Lee. The Bills and Cardinals have a decent amount left each but nothing too much. The Cards will have a lot of space open up a couple years down the line when Palmer and Fitzgerald retire. The Eagles and Bills will have a lot of dead cap off their books next year at least. Rookies are in red, players that can realistically make the roster without being a complete surprise are in bold and locked in players have a yellow background.

The Bills are rebuilding, perpetually but they aren't too far off. They just can't get it all together. First I had to address the QB situation. Unfortunately in this exercise I could not make a new deal for Tyrod Taylor without releasing him to the open market first. My plan was to try to resign him for cheaper and if that failed just get a stopgap to compete while we see if Cardale Jones is the future or not. A possible franchise QB could be drafted a year or two down the road if all else fails. I signed Jay Cutler to be that stopgap. If we get 2014 or 2015 Jay it would actually be a good get. He later retired in real life but that was because his last chance to be a starter disappeared. Also, just like the real Bills eventually did I drafted Nathan Peterman in the 5th round. Of all the QBs in the draft that weren't supposed to go early, he seemed like one that could surprise and have a real shot to stick. Bills will roll with 3 HB and 1 FB. I drafted 2 WRs and both are expected to make the roster, 1 as a starter. I also drafted a couple offensive linemen to fill out the roster at the position. There are currently 23 players on the roster on the offensive side of the ball. At least 1 more TE will make the roster and another WR. Henderson is suspended so maybe a 4th TE or another WR can make the opening day roster in his place.

The Bills D before free agency was actually pretty solid and my goal was to keep it intact. Gilmore was tagged and Lorenzo Alexander was brought back as well. A few rookies were brought in as depth. Safety was a concern so Desmond King was drafted to compete with Colt Anderson at free safety and D.J. Swearinger was signed to play SS. There are 23 players on the roster and another DE probably needs to be brought in as depth. That is 24 players on D.

There is an obvious kicker competition. It all comes out to 52 players so the 53rd player could be a 4th TE or perhaps a 4th RB can sneak in.

All in all it could have been better and it's a bit boring but the Bills are set to try and be competitive this year but are aiming to build something that they can rely on a year or two away.

For the Cardinals the goal was to compete now. They needed to get back into 2015 form while not sacrificing the future. There is a small 1-2 year window were Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald will still be on the roster. I reworked their contracts in a way that they likely stay for 2 more years. I traded for AJ McCarron and because of a prior injury I have him under control this year and as an RFA the year after. He is going to be groomed as the successor. Gresham was resigned at TE and OJ Howard was drafted and Griffin signed to bolster that position. WR needed some new talent to not just get them over the top but to get ready for Fitzgerald's departure and have insurance in case John Brown's medical condition keeps him off the field. Cooper Kupp was drafted, Torrey Smith traded for and Marquise Goodwin signed from free agency. 9 offensive linemen are on the roster but rookie Javarious Leamon could find himself on the roster with a good camp. Odds are he develops on the practice squad.

Going back to winning now, I made a commitment to keeping the defense together. Campbell, Jefferson and Jones were all brought back. Kpassagnon was brought in as a rotational player and Marcus Smith and rookies Hardy Nickerson Jr (forgot to put red font) and Garrett Sickels are linebacker depth. 4 DBs were drafted to help reload the loses at the position. Awuzie should see some early action.

Currently 25 offensive, 23 defensive and 3 special teamers are locked into the 53-man roster. 1 of the last 2 spots would be reserved for a DB and the last spot could be for any of the bolded players on the depth chart not already on the team.

The Eagles definitely have the fullest roster but most of that is due to a lot of camp bodies and practice squaders signed before we started. Some major moves were made here. I traded for Jeremy Hill, Brandon Cooks and Sean Lee. I also signed Dre Kirkpatrick, Ronald Leary, Ryan Jensen, Anthony Sherman, AJ Klein, Mike Morgan and Mario Williams while resigning Bennie Logan, Nolan Carroll and Stefen Wisniewski. Okay so there is the listing and now I'll say why. Hill was nabbed to see if he could catch on as the future RB. Along with Sproles in his retirement year, Smallwood and Pumphrey (wow they think alike) the RB position looks good heading into the year and could be set into the future. The Eagles don't normally use a FB but with Shermon available the Eagles find a way to use him. I felt the need for a WR and was going after Jeffery but he was tagged in ninja fashion so I got a deal for Cook done. It was a similar deal to what was eventually done in real life with the Pats. Along with Mike Williams the WR position is getting some much needed fresh blood. On the offensive line Ronald Leary was brought in to start at LG. Seumalo, Wisniewski and Jensen are all competing for the starting Center job while the losers can play depth anywhere in the interior.

On defense Trey Hendrickson and Mario Williams almost feels like Derek Barnett and Chris Long with the rookie and vet additions, except with Hendrickson not being a high first rounder. I also drafted DT Eddie Vanderdoes for rotational depth. The LB corps was completely redone outside of Bradham and Hicks. Sean Lee is the new weakside starter with Klein and Morgan signed as LB depth. Ben Gedeon was signed as a UDFA and is projected to make the roster as well. At CB Kirkpatrick was brought in to start and he will likely be opposite Jalen Mills although Nolan Carroll or Ron Brooks may get that role to start the season. Only one of Carroll or Brooks will make the roster so as to keep the cap down but that's fine as I don't think both are needed with Kirkpatrick brought in. As for rookies I drafted Sidney Jones for his potential after he returns from injury and drafted another CB with my next pick (Witherspoon) so I could get more young depth and a CB that can help this year. Hmm both of those points sound familiar. At safety the starters are set and Maragos is on the team for his special teams ability. At least another safety will make the roster.

49 players are locked into the roster. Brooks or Watkins will get at least 1 spot at safety and Turner or Treggs will get on as the 6th WR. Smith or Gratz will make the team as the 53rd player until Jones is good to go so that leaves 2 spots. A 7th LB could make it and special teams may be a factor there. They could also go to a 9th DL, 10th OL or another DB, likely safety.

Out of all the teams I think the Eagles look best but they also have the tightest cap situation. Good thing that the hypothetical unknown future is not bound by our contract rules.


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QB - Bradford, Bridgewater, Hienikie
RB - Peterson, McKinnon, Sankey, Asiata, Hill
FB - Line
TE - Rudolph, Morgan, Carter, Ellison
WR - Wright, Treadwell, Bohringer, Jones
WR - Theilen, Diggs, Frueichte
RT - Zeitler, Clemmings, Sheppard, Fragel
RG - Boone, Harlow
C - Berger, Easton, Fuller
LG - Dawkins
LT - Kalil

DE - Griffen, Crichton, Bailey, Trattoe
DT - Joseph, Johnson, Qualls
DT - Floyd, Stephen
DE - Robison, Hunter, Dubose
OLB - Barr, E. Robison, Brothers, Weatherly, Greenway
MLB - Milano
ILB - Lamur, Kendrix, Cole
C - Rhodes, Sherels, Price, Douglas
C - Waynes, Alexander, Newman
S - Smith, McDermott, Exum, Kearse
SS - Sendejo, Harris, Johnson

K - Forbath, Koehn
P - Locke

I need more practice doing this... I see I have some holes with no depth, especially on the left side of the o-line.

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