Topic: Tiger Woods pulls out of next 2 tourneys w/ back spasms...

the end is near for El Tigre. Sad at 41 he's almost done. Sad the toll he put his body through is now taking over. He looked pathetic in Dubai and couldn't even reach the greens. He even topped his putter on a 85 foot putt! He is done and has been for 3 yrs. Haters will say "he did it to himself with the sex scandal." Haters will say "he did steroids and his body is breaking down." Haters will say "good and good riddance as he was a jerk." You're missing out on a rare talent. Jerk - yes, a great golfer who made the tour a lot more money and better tv coverage? yes. Will never see another like him-yes.

As a golf fan and watcher, golf is not the  same. The new top 5 can't make a cut constantly. none of them have a deep enough fan base or game to carry the sport on his back like Tiger did. It's going to go back to coverage like it did in the early 90's or late 80's with numerous aimless major winners, but not more winning than a few here or there. Rory is the only one who could carry it but now he's hurt too. 

And the PGA wants to pull out of CBS and NBC and go strictly to the Golf Network to televise all PGA events. The end is near for golf. Without Tiger, it's a third rate sport on TV and no one gives a shit about Johnson, Spieth, Fowler or Sir Nick Douchebag Faldo!

Thank God for Sports!


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