Topic: Jeremy Zuttah

I've been busier with work than I have in a long while so somehow I missed that Zuttah made the Pro Bowl.  While I watch this game, put any stock into it or how players are selected, can someone please explain how this guy who has been the weakest link for most of the season get selected for this game? 

Now you just know that his selection increases the likelihood of keeping him here longer than most of us (if not all) want.  His costly penalties and inconsistent blocking have been a liability for the offense for 2 seasons.  Addition, the accuracy of his snaps was more consistent than most.  He'll cost us $4.6M this season but we'd us $2.4M in space if he's cut.  Best scenario would be to trade him, but I doubt they get any interest. 

Gotta wonder what they're plans are for Center and Mr. Zuttah in 2017.

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