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Topic: Death of The WiiU and my Thoughts

With the WiiU going out of production last month and the new Switch coming out as the true 8th gen system I thought back on the system my brother (Falcons Guy) bought years ago out of impulse. The original Wii was 7th gen but it was a weird innovative thing mainly aimed at kids that was something else outside of the normal gen comparisons. Heck any games on the system had things cut out from the PS3/360 versions. Mario Galaxy was epic though.

Okay onto the WiiU. It was what I call a gen 7.5 console. Like any system it had tons of trash games. It's just that with so few titles it seemed like a lot. The trick was not to buy the trash games. You had to only buy exclusives and then make sure that was good. Any non-exclusive you had to get for a different system.

Was the system better than the PS4 and XBONE? No I'd say not in the least. I'd argue the Nintendo 3DS had a better trove of titles if you looked properly. However it had it's place.

#1 - You must play the party games. Nintendo Land, Mario Party and if it's your cup of tea Mario Cart and Smash Bros are the games you have to play if you have 3+ players. Actually that goes onto #2...

#2 - You must play with 3+ players to get the most out of your party games. 4 is the best number and many games even used 5 including the game pad. You get your money's worth of the system with this alone if you used it many times with friends and family.

#3 - For 1-2 player games get the exclusives. Not all are good but there were amazing one and with a few exceptions the best ones were Nintendo properties. No surprise. Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros U, Zelda games, Pikmin 3, Mario 3D World and even the Yarn games. I also heard Splatoon is good if its your thing but I believe it's more for kids. And Super Mario Maker certainly has it's niche (plus people that wasted money on it and then notice its not for them). Non-Nintendo games that are great? Xenoblade Chronicles X is an epic if you like JRPGs and Bayonetta 2 is arguably the best game on any system for the 8th gen. But it's been crippled by the system it's on. Then again by not focusing on different systems that's how the quality came out in that game and others. There is one exception of note. Rayman Legends is cross-platform but it's better on the WiiU. Not all exclusives are great. Remember that. ZombiU apparently sucked. I had to stop my bro from buying it. Instead he bought Sonic All-Stars Racing. It wasn't good but it was cheap and worth the $20 at last. The other would have run for around $60. The only other game we got was a bargain bin copy of Sing Star. I don't remember if it was worth it. I gave up on karaoke games after Guitar Hero World Tour.

So I must say the system was worth it if you were smart and got the games that mattered. We definitely got our money's worth(well he paid but I bought some games or pitched in) and although it is played way less than the PS4 we have we still played it quite a bit. We don't do party games as much anymore unless some of my younger bros friends come over and they feel like it. He's in Grade 12 so it's been less every year. Still as 20+ year olds and mid-late teens we find time to fire them up. Heck I even just picked up a few Zelda games. We might not play them much for a while but in the next while we'll have it and it will be worth it. I still have one old game unopened. I bought Epic Mickey 2 for $5 years ago but never got around to playing it. I played most of the original on the original Wii and that was great. Maybe it's just that games like that lost their novelty now.

It's life in production is over and it's dwindling use in my home is probably the case in many other households as well. But it was all worth it and either me or my brothers still need to find time to play or finish some of our 1-player games due to things like life, the other playing or simply not feeling like playing. We'll surely squeeze this thing dry in the coming couple years.


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