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Discussion in 'Help/Questions' started by Tim, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Tim

    Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Couple quick updates -

    We will be implementing a referral system for our members that will make it easy for you to invite friends and track your invites from your profile page. A lot of you enjoy spending time discussing sports and life with people from many, many different sites. This will give everyone the opportunity to pick out some of your favorite people and invite them to your favorite place.

    To show some appreciation for our Patreon donators I am currently working on an ad free version of the forums for our patrons. Any user who is donating a minimum $5 a month will be able to view the forums ad free. It's just my way of saying 'thank you' for all of your support!

    At some point in the near future we will be migrating the site to a better server with a focus on increasing the speed and reliability with which you view the forums and the rest of the site. When this takes place there may be a 48 to 72 hour period where the forums act a little 'off'. I'll be sure to message everyone prior to this change.
  2. Tim

    Tim Administrator Commissioner

    We know have the ability to collapse categories.

    Being that there are so many different categories and forums on our boards, having the ability to close or collapse a category from the main page makes navigation a bit quicker.

    On the far right side of the category header you will notice a minus sign within a box. Click on that to collapse a category. When you want to expand that category again, the same box on the far right will have a plus sign. Click on it and the category will be open again.
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  3. Will

    Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Vikings Redwings Official

    Excellent Idea on the collapsible category... I like that a lot.

    I had an idea... is it possible to set the software up to notify us live of any new alerts on the forums. I don't receive updated thread data without first refreshing. Just a thought, thanks.
  4. Tim

    Tim Administrator Commissioner

    I believe I can do this and it should be something that is not browser dependent.

    Let me do some quick research and I'll get back to you.
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  5. Tim

    Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Ok, I should have a two part system in place now.

    1. In your nav bar at the top you should see a notice when you receive a new alert.
    2. There should be a new alert system to go along with the original one. It's just a bit bolder, lol.
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