Runner, Boxer, Martial Arts Expert or Crossfitter?

Discussion in 'Physical Fitness' started by babyfan, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. babyfan

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    If I worked with you in 6 months you would say this to me Cat:

    "bf-im old in years but young at heart. I used to be chubby and I couldn't do much but stretching and doing yoga has changed all of that.

    I used to have a bad back, so that i concentrate on stretching it the most."
  2. Catfish

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    well bf - fly me up to your yoga compound for a 6 month boot camp and i'll be there. i won't tell Mr.
  3. babyfan

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    No worries Cat, Mr. Babyfan is well used to my working with male clients :)

    If you are actually interested in trying this I can send you my program for you to try. I've sent it to others who don't have the time to get to a yoga class and wanted to try it at home. I'm willing to send it if you're interested :)
  4. KilkennyDan

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    Babyface, I never had to follow a structured workout regimen. When I was young I was as strong as anyone on my football team because I lived on a farm and life was a natural workout.

    Later, I was fortunate to fall into a healthy diet and taking things in moderation. That helped me maintain decent physical condition.

    I'm older now, and I had a major health scare last year. Now I find myself needing to step up the effort to stay fit. I just finished a 3 mile brisk walk; I walk 3 to 4 miles/day about 5 times/week.

    I want to work in some resistance training. (I stay active and can move anything lighter than a cow.) But as noted, I'm older and can no longer rely solely on "natural workouts". Do you have any recommendations for resistance training?
  5. babyfan

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    Your farm training reminds me of how Bww trained when he was younger because he lived on a farm too. What's better than a 'training' which is actually just you getting chores done like throwing bales of hay, mucking out stalls all day etc ...

    3 miles is an excellent way to push your cardio up. As long as you can still talk through your walk you're not over-exceeding your limits.

    Resistance or strength-training is my forte. I have a yoga program that incorporates tons of strength-training as you're working with your own weight. A full yoga practice should challenge all of your muscles groups and help build muscle faster. That means that when you're doing your cardio it's more effective because your muscles are toned and lean. We don't want to exclude your tendons and ligaments either ... stretching benefits everything and you will notice the difference immediately.

    In yoga, the repetition of isolated poses puts a demand on your stabilizer muscles as well as all the muscles that connect through the pose. So say, for instance, you're doing Warrior 3


    I ask my clients to hold that pose (the stabilizer muscles in your right (standing) leg will go crazy trying to balance and ground you) and then to bring their hands to their hearts in prayer. When ready we do 5 very slow knee bends keeping a straight line from the back of your head to your extended heel. That's just one of the ways that I incorporate yoga into my strength-training. One of the good things about this (like your walking) is it's free and you can do it at home without any additional equipment. Using a mat is a good idea because it helps you from slipping on a floor.

    Another way that I bring strength-training into my program is when we're doing a high plank (there is a sequence of poses in the middle of the Sun Salutation which are high plank, low plank, Upward Dog and Downward Dog) I will get my clients to turn onto one hand for side plank on both sides and then Wild Thing. From high plank we'll go into low plank and hold .... for whatever torturous number of minutes that I decide on and then back up to high plank and repeat and repeat ad nauseum ... ad infinitum ...

    It's a really hard program (which lots of modifications for people who aren't ready to challenge themselves that much) but the outcome is very evident. I have clients whose bodies have changed radically in 1-2 years.

    For me, yoga is about getting stronger and feeling healthier. Some of the 'side effects' of yoga are the ability to deal and cope with stress and anxiety in a more functional way. Yoga leaves you feeling physically exhausted but replete and happy at the same time. Just by focusing on your breath as you move through the poses you create a healthy distance from all of your worries.

    I could write forever on this stuff.

    Dan, are you interested in doing my yoga program at home too?
  6. babyfan

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    I just noticed this ...

    LOL that's funny and cute! Thanks Dan :)
  7. KilkennyDan

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    I'll stick with Babyface, if you do not mind, (I think it may have been auto-spell, though).

    I regret that I only have one thank you to give for your message. I'm going to try out what you provided. It is possible that I may be interested in trying out your yoga program. It sounds like something my wife may be interested in too.

    Thanks again.
  8. babyfan

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    I've just spent the last 3 hours tweaking my program. LOL I get so excited about this stuff! I'm adding in some pictures to help illustrate the poses more clearly. If your wife joins you in doing this program you'll find it even more fun, I promise! There's nothing more fun than doing yoga and laughing together ...

    If you send me your email address in pm I'll send this off to you as soon as I'm done. :)

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