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Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Tim, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    Just a thread for posting opinions that don't have or really need their own topic.
  2. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    Gus Bradley needs to get the axe and I have a replacement in mind -

    Ken Norton Jr.
  3. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    The Buccaneers are in a bind with Doug Martin's contract. At this point it's obvious that the injuries have taken their toll but moving Martin will not be easy in 2017. Trading him for a bag of peanuts would be the right move but finding someone to take on his $7mil price tag will be tough.

    Cutting him saves $0 as there is a dead cap hit equal to his salary. Ultimately the Bucs are locked into him till the 2018 off-season, again showing the importance of how contracts influence the on-field product.
  4. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    The Eagles have a solid core roster but will need to add some upper level talent at key positions to become a dominant team and to gain long term control of the NFC East, even more so now that the Cowboys have created an offense that already has their star talent in place.

    The difference between the two is on the defensive side of the ball where the Eagles have a clear advantage.

    If Philadelphia can tap a high level receiver in the upcoming draft, develop Dorial Green-Beckham and find a permanent replacement for Ryan Mathews the balance of power will shift towards the green and silver quickly.
  5. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings Manager

    It would be scary in the Big D if the Cowboys were able to improve their defense. The offensive side of the ball is impressive and young, but a key piece or two on the defense and this team could get even more dangerous. I don't even want to imagine that, lol.

    Good points on the Eagles, Tim. It kinda seems like the Eagles and Cowboys are really headed in the right direction and have some real good young players.

    I watched the Vikings and Cardinals game today. It was on FOX. It had Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling the game. They came right out on National TV and said the officiating this game and all season long has been terrible and 'embarrassing'.

    I wonder what the NFL can do about this. Two obvious TD's were not properly called till the replays proved differently... it just seems like it unacceptable the way the system is right now.
  6. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    Eagles still need reliable CBs. They give up way too much. Linebacker may become an issue as well. Pretty much the team needs to fill up a few key holes before others show up. WRs can't get separation. Too many drops.
  7. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    I do believe that NFL officiating is at an all-time low.

    The first problem they have is the reluctance to embrace technology that is already available. Just as an example, and one that I have advocated on numerous occasions...

    Having microchips in both ends of the football would give pinpoint accuracy on where the ball is when there is a question of it within a pile when the player is ruled down, where it is in relation to the goal line and a whole other plethora of situations.

    Now, there's nothing you can do about the seeming stupidity of the refs... or is there? Make it a salaried, full-time, year round job where refs are given instruction in the off-season and tested year round to improve performance. Have guys already in the training program ready to step in. You have an official that makes a dozen shit calls in a row? Fire that rotten SoB and bring in his replacement.

    There needs to be more accountability and more options for punishment/replacement in order to improve the product. The officials should be treated just like players. Do your job, do it well or else someone that does will take your spot.
  8. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    You have probably seen more Eagles football then I, so I'll ask. Is it the CBs that are the problem or the safeties that seem to disappear for quarters at a time? The over the top help being atrocious could be the reason for so much off-coverage and soft yardage. If I were looking to shore up some of the Eagles problems in the secondary I think both safety positions could use immediate depth improvement and potential starters (the Jenkins contract has potential long-term ramifications for fixing the secondary).

    I think the LBs are a rounded out enough unit to make it work until they can add a star level player.
  9. Jeanquev M.V.P. Steelers

    That all day long

    In addition simplify the rule book.
  10. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    Having a rule-book that the common fan can easily decipher almost makes too much sense. It's so simple of a concept that you and I must be simple minded to even think of it as a possibility, Jeanquev. *CRAZY*

    I've heard it thrown about for years but I don't believe that they keep rules vague to influence games. I believe that the complexities of injury awareness and the ever evolving styles of play and athleticism on the field make it so that the league is in a constant state of 'catch up'.
  11. Jeanquev M.V.P. Steelers

    Very well could be. One mistake they seem to make is tweaking a rule rather than scraping it and rewriting it. Best example what is a catch. I don't think anybody has the answer anymore.
  12. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    I felt the Jordy Nelson TD was a ball they would have called incomplete most games. The defender knocked it out pretty quick.
  13. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    The safeties are definitely not the problem. Sure like any players they can goof so maybe you've been seeing those plays but they have to do way too much sometimes to make up for the CBs. Too many times one CB or the other is off their game and get exploited. Jenkins & McLeod are a top 3 safety group in the League. So I'll even say it's an elite tandem. Seattle is probably #1 and then you can make an argument for only a few teams and the Eagles are there. Jenkins is the cornerstone of the D though. Yes there are the guys up front like Cox, Graham and even now Hicks but Jenkins is the guy I'd say. Heck last year he made an elite tandem with Walter Thurmond of all people and a different DC. Some people wanted to put the Eagles D in the same breath as the Seahawks heading into the game. There is an issue with that. It's mainly the cornerbacks. Yes the defensive line played poorly yesterday but we all know that they are good. They just had a bad game and give the Hawks OLine credit they played great. You just can't have your CBs play like shit while your rushers don't get enough pressure. You'll lose almost every time unless you can have a shootout (and the Eagles WRs can't get open or drop it when they do, or line up illegally as was the case yesterday, Mainly Agohlar).
  14. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    That's another weird one with the rules. Is holding your ground a "football move"? I mean in the endzone and other instances you may not want more yards. Although with him trying to spin away to protect the ball I would have called that incomplete for sure. Now if he stood completely still after the catch that would be a legitimate argument IMO.
  15. AxeMurderer Legend Cowboys

    Eagles need two productive WRs. Jordan Matthews is fine in the slot, but they have no one outside. Agholor has been awful, and forget about "developing" Green-Beckham. He is what he is: physically talented but utterly clueless. Eagles would be better off walking away from him at season's end.
  16. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    I'm not on board with considering them elite. Schwartz's system is extremely safety friendly as evidenced in his time at TEN and BUF (left out the abortion in DET but it holds similar). I think they are adequate for what the defense is doing but I don't agree with the return on investment. Jenkins had an unbelievable 2015 campaign but I would be surprised if it doesn't prove to be somewhat of an anomaly in his career.

    Corner play around the league is trending down but I see a lot of players pushed into roles that they are not well suited for either from poor scouting or change in defensive philosophies.

    You would have solid knowledge on this next question - From last season to this one, how much have the starting CBs regressed in Philly?
  17. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    At 23 years old, 6'5" and 237 pounds with solid athletic ability, I think keeping Green-Beckham until his contract is up in 2019 is the right decision.

    Worst case scenario is that you have a depth player for about $1mil a year for the next 2 seasons. Best case scenario is he develops some chemistry with Carson Wentz and becomes a legitimate weapon.
  18. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    Tough to say with the different faces at CB. Carroll has probably made an improvement but can't stay healthy and all the other guys are playing well below replacement value. Also as I said Schwartz wasn't the coach last year. I will say that the lack of decent CBs has forced a more safety friendly system but I will disagree that it isn't from their own merit as well. But I would say I would be hard pressed to find more than a couple established Safeties in the league that would fit in the Eagles system more than Jenkins. The system helps but he makes it work (as long as the corners play half decent).
  19. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    How long of a leash does Chip Kelly have in San Francisco?

    Off to a 1-9 start and looking like a team trending in the wrong direction I can't see Chip getting all the way through the 2017 season if the 49ers were 1-7 at the midway point.
  20. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    This is a solid argument that I can agree with.

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