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Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by LAOJoe, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    The answer is 7-10 to save you the click.
  2. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Fighting Irish Eagles

    hope he stays healthy enough. it was announced another retired qb may have CTE so there's that risk always looming...
  3. dlinebass5 Franchise Player Bears

    QB's are far and away the most protected position in the game, and arguably the most protected position in sports, relative to the rules. Add to it that they're the highest paid position in the sport, and that number is going up each year, and I'd play until I couldn't throw a football any more. Hell, the league has proven that, as long as you're not Kaepernick and you can throw a ball better than most college QB's, you've got a job. Simple as that.
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