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  1. blackngoldbad

    blackngoldbad Home Town Favorite Steelers

    Beach, correct me if I'm wrong anywhere here...........A lot of analysts said any long term deal for DeVontae Freeman would be interesting to analyze and factor in Bell’s perceived worth. Well, here you go:

    -Offered 5 years, $61 million
    -$12.2 mil average per year
    -$18 million fully guaranteed (signing bonus)
    -$30 million in earnings first two years (probably roster bonus year-2)
    -$42 million earned in first three years total (probably roster bonus year-3)

    -Extended 5-years, $41 million
    -$8.25 mil per year average
    -$15 million fully guaranteed (signing bonus)
    -$17 million in earnings first two years (roster bonus year-2)
    -$26 million in earnings first three years (roster bonus year-3)

    Freeman is now the highest paid running back in the league NOT on a one-year deal, earning just slightly over $8 million/yr, a little bit more than LeSean McCoy. So…………..SHUT UP LeVeon………….you WERE offered top RB money ($9-10 million per year), AND an additional #2 receiver money ($2-3 mil/year). - http://www.steelersdepot.com/2017/08/former-nfl-agent-freemans-new-contract-doesnt-give-bell-new-ammunition/. And that #2 receiver money……………….depends, as his receiving numbers this year will likely dip unless there are some unexpected injuries to Pitt’s WR corps. An eligible Bryant, acquired Hunter, healthy Coates/Heyward Bey…………..they’re all going to get some balls thrown their way at some point. Some that might otherwise go to Bell. He’ll probably STILL catch 50-70 balls, but I doubt he gets anywhere close to 1,000 receiving yards – even if he plays all 16 games.

    Unfortunately, if Pitt franchises ($14 mil) or transition tags ($13 mil) him next year, I doubt he accepts anything less than $15 mil per year AGAIN, even if his numbers DIP THIS YEAR. Which is nuts. Pitt will then say………go ahead, explore your options, and he’ll then sign with someone else for EVEN LESS than Pitt offered this Spring, or will offer him again in 2018. Pitt will get a 3rd rounder for him, but they will likely lose one of the best all-around players in the league, a difference-maker that can carry an offense at times. And all because of EGO.
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  2. Lyman

    Lyman "Franchise Curmudgeon" Patreon Champion Browns

    I am asking this because I don't know the answer.

    Can Pittsburgh withdraw the Franchise Tag? Not to use on a different player . . . just undo it?
  3. SPress

    SPress Franchise Player Patriots

    I'm confused? (it doesn't always take much) Do you mean Freeman?
  4. blackngoldbad

    blackngoldbad Home Town Favorite Steelers

    My bad SPress...........noted and corrected.
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  5. steelersking

    steelersking Franchise Player Steelers

    Yes they can rescind the Franchise Tag, like the Giants did to JPP when he had his firework accident or like the Panthers did to Josh Norman last season. Will they do it to Bell? Not unless he hurts himself training, or he pisses off management to the point of no return. Really does not make sense, he won't sit out any of the regular season and lose money. Still, it could happen I suppose.

    And SPress, I believe he meant Freeman. Davonte Parker is a receiver in Miami I think.
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  6. blackngoldbad

    blackngoldbad Home Town Favorite Steelers

    Now I am NOT trying to equate Freeman to Bell, Bell certainly deserves to be paid 25-50% MORE than Freeman in my opinion, but consider past two year totals and games played, the latter of which has to be a factor, I’m sorry:

    -31 games (ZERO missed due to injury/suspension)
    -492 carries for 2,135 yds (4.35 avg)
    -22 rushing TDs
    -127 receptions for 1,040 yds (8.19 avg)
    -5 receiving TDs

    -18 games (13 missed due to injury/suspension)
    -374 carries for 1,824 yds (4.88 avg)
    -10 TDs
    -99 receptions for 752 yds (7.5 avg)
    -2 receiving TDs

    If it’s about current/projected PRODUCTION, then Pitt’s offer was MORE THAN FAIR and Bell is deluding himself thinking he’s worth $15 mil/season, almost DOUBLE what Freeman is scheduled to make these next 5 years, just based on recent production alone. Freeman is also a year younger and his new 5-year deal takes him only to age 29. Any deal Bell would sign next Spring if 4/5 years would take him to age 31/32. I don’t care what he does this year………even if plays all 16 games, rushes for 2,000 yards & catches 75 balls for another 800 yds and Pitt wins the Super Bowl……………..NO RUNNING BACK today, not him or anyone else…………..is now worth $15 million a year long-term. And no team is going to offer that amount to any RB in what will be his mid/late twenties with a history of suspension/injury. If I was Pitt........regardless of what happens this season.......I'd stick to my original offer a month ago next Spring, maybe slightly more ($13-14 mil average total) staggered toward the back end after year-3 where it becomes basically a club option. Unfortunately, I think what will happen is EGO will drive him to sign elsewhere seeking $14-15 mil/year........but at an amount less than Pitt offers. He won't come crawling back, even to sign more money because he won't want to hear, "I told you so". It would be a foolish move, as there's only 1 or 2 teams in the league with the OL or supporting cast around him that is comparable to Pitt. But we've seen that happen before (Thigpen, Burress, Faneca, Porter, even Harrison).
  7. Jeanquev

    Jeanquev M.V.P. Steelers

    While logic says no one will pay him that decisions in the NFL are not always logical there have been a lot of bad contracts throughout its history (Wallace with the Dolphins, Haynesworth with the redskins).
  8. gidion72

    gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    I don't know why he is holding out anyways, he wouldn't be participating in practice much if any anyways.
  9. Jeanquev

    Jeanquev M.V.P. Steelers

    Because he is working on his schedule where as if he were in camp he would still be on the schedule of the team.
  10. dirk275

    dirk275 Starter Steelers

    I think he's pulling an Eric Berry. I think he comes in after camp breaks, plays game three of the preseason and is all set. He can sit out with no fines, get the same money. I say why not. Plus, no injury.
  11. gidion72

    gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    He probably would have been on the pup list until the 3rd preseason game anyways.
  12. dlinebass5

    dlinebass5 Franchise Player Bears

    Does anyone begrudge him trying to get as much money as possible? Does anyone begrudge any player for doing that?

    A. They play a sport that will take their health, and one in which the average career is about 3 years, or thereabouts.
    B. It's not your money. The owners make money hand over fist. Why would you care whether or not these guys get paid money from the owners?

    Now, you can make the case that a player wanting more money than a team will give them precludes them from being on your team, which sucks. Or, it diminishes the team's cap room, which sucks. But I will never be mad at a player for getting as much money as they humanly can. Someone else will - why not them?
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  13. techheart

    techheart Franchise Player Steelers

    Just my 2 cents, I think it was a really, really stupid decision by Bell to not take the Steelers' more than fair offer.
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  14. smcndfan

    smcndfan Franchise Player Steelers

    I think even offering Bell $12 million a year was crazy. I think a fair contract would be more guaranteed ($25 million) and an average salary of no more that $10 million a year.
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  15. gidion72

    gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    My beef is him holding out. WTF is he doing it for?
  16. blackngoldbad

    blackngoldbad Home Town Favorite Steelers

    My beef is him holding out. WTF is he doing it for?

    Exactly........there is no benefit to him doing so. Don't want to play and risk injury...........fine.........report and sit out practice and preseason for a couple weeks. He can't negotiate or change his franchise deal now, so just come and play. If his holdout extends beyond preseason week-2, I'll get concerned. Until then, he's likely just training and limiting exposure. Again.......should be the coaches call, but I'm not worried about his knowledge of the offense. Just wish Connor was practicing.
  17. jcsteelfan

    jcsteelfan Franchise Player Steelers

    He will show up in shape and ready to go. He will probably regret not taking the offer. He's been suspended and hurt during his short career. I think the Steelers were smart and fair in their offer. Hopefully he stays on the field and earns his 12 million this season.
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  18. gidion72

    gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    Hopefully he earns more than the contract that they offered him and we are discussing where to put number seven.
  19. gidion72

    gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    Actually Freeman's contract does help Bells case. Freeman is about half as good as Bell so Bell should get twice as much as Freeman. Freeman shouldn't be the highest paid back in the league, not even close. Johnson from AZ should get twice as much as Freeman too.

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