John Fox: Bears not changing QB plan after one game

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by News Desk, Aug 11, 2017.

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    John Fox: Bears not changing QB plan after one game
    Patra, Kevin

    The Chicago Bears quarterbacks had drastically different nights on Thursday. Does that mean John Fox is going to change course at quarterback? "Our depth chart is not going to change," Fox says.

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  2. aggie16

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    If this is indeed true, which nothing anyone in this organization says to the media normally is, John Fox is a worse HC than I thought. I didn't see the interview (can no longer stomach hearing him speak because 99% of what he spews is complete bullshit) and don't like taking one line out of what he said, but you would be an absolute fool to not give him more reps. F^ck Sanchez, that asshole can just stand there for all I care. Fine if you want don't want to take reps from Glennon but Sanchez is only there if this kid is not ready and he proved that maybe he is more ready then anyone thought so find out. The amount of reps he gets in practice with the first or second team will show what they think of his performance.

    If they keep things status quo and don't cut Sanchez's reps, Fox is a bigger stone age idiot than I give him credit for.
  3. aggie16

    aggie16 Franchise Player Bears

    "Our depth chart is not going to change after one game," Fox said. "That's a really good defense our first unit went against, probably one of the top three defenses in the league. You have to look at a lot of different things. I can understand how you guys might think [we could make a change], but we're not going to change a whole lot after one game."

    Here is a little context to this thread. While he is saying it won't change after one game, he sure is hell isn't saying that this game didn't open their eyes to just how ready Trubisky might be.

    I don't expect them to jump him to number 1 after one game but if I was him, I would be pushing him into more reps in practice and these next few preseason games to see what he can do.
  4. blang84

    blang84 Franchise Player Bears

    My thoughts as to the possibilities to what is really going behind the scenes:
    1) They are lying in order to not create a public QB controversy and put pressure on both Trubs and Glennon.
    2) They are lying in order to not make themselves look retarded for giving Glennon $16 million and naming him starter before minicamp.
    3) They aren't lying and actually think Glennon is still better at this point in time.
  5. tunafat

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    We really have no idea how well he can read coverages or how well he will respond to a disguised coverage, and for that matter recognizing blitzes.
    Preseason football is a far cry from the regular season. He looked to be up against basic vanilla coverages, and we just don't know with so little overall experience how far he is along with that.
    It's safe to say they've built up his confidence in that first game, and perhaps don't want to push it and bring him along slowly.
    However the more I think about it the fact that he got so much time in that game seems to run counter to what they're saying, doesn't it?
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  6. patg006

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    ............oh boy

    Robert Aguayo and Connor Barth open competition to see who cant hit a field goal......

    Can the bears just go for 2 every time?
  7. aggie16

    aggie16 Franchise Player Bears

    Like I said, I never believe a word any of these assholes say to the media, they speak to them because they have to and feed complete bullshit every time.

    All I know, is Fox was a lot less definitive about the depth chart and who is number 1. That leads me to believe that the hamster on the wheel in head is definitely spinning.

    If the kid plays like this all preseason, even the Stone Age John Fox will have to concede who gives them the best chance to win and it won't be the Giraffe or Butt Fumble.
  8. aggie16

    aggie16 Franchise Player Bears

    This is a low risk move. They have plenty of cap space to give it a shot and maybe a change of scenary gets this kid right in the head. Nobody is married to Barth and Aguayo was a very good kicker in college. If they can't get him right, they move on. I hate all kickers so really could care less, but understand the move completely.
  9. SPress

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    He shouldn't Trub is a Turd. Fox has done more in his career than any of you mental masturbation midgets have done with any function of your lives. Fox isn't the problem.
  10. aggie16

    aggie16 Franchise Player Bears

    1. You can't read coverages standing on the sideline. In my opinion, you only continue to sit him if you don't think he is ready mentally because physcially, he looked up to the task. Again, not getting ahead of ourselves after only one game but if this continues, he plays period.
    2. They are playing him a lot because it was the only time he was supposed to see the field. Now that works in another way, getting him experience facing live bullets.
    3. If he did end up with the job, I expect a run heavy basic offense, similar to that the Seahawks ran with Russell Wilson his first few years, he won't be expected to win games with his arm. The thing about him is he is athletic and can get a few first downs running the ball, something i feel safe in saying will absolutely never happen with the Giraffe at Center.
    4. You are facing vanilla coverages in the preseason but the offense will have to be kept simple if he does play. Try to win with defense and controlling the clock which is what Fox wants to do anyway. The Giraffe will probably just run a dink and dunk offense anyway, so if the kid proves ready, put him in.
    5. Coddling him is counter productive in my opinion. You can protect him and let him play at the same time. This team is going nowhere with Glennon and he was only named the starter because nobody believed Trubisky could be ready this quickly. Well game 1 left the impression that this might not be the case so again, I will keep saying this from now until forever, the best QB plays and if that is your number 1 draft pick, then he plays.
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  11. aggie16

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    Shut the f*ck up you worthless douche cock sucking troll. Nobody knows more about masturbation than you since the only time you have probably seen pussy is when you popped out of it. Go the f*ck back in your basement and fondle your deflated balls jerking off to your Tom Brady poster.
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  12. SPress

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    Haha. You are so weak minded Aggie. Very fragile. Trub looked good the other night and so did Cohen. You still suck though. Long live TB12
  13. dlinebass5

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    Ah, a "You don't play football, so you don't get to criticize" argument. It wouldn't make for a good Patriot fan to bring anything to the table other than shallow, nonsensical garbage. You might've dribbled some of that Bud Light on your blouse, but I'd ask you to clean yourself up outside - we don't take weak-ass, amateur sauce up in here.

    On an important note, for everyone else: man, Glennon throws an ugly ball. That's gonna end up in opponents' hands plenty of times. I watched some of the practice footage they were pushing, and... Ugh.
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    For the first time since I've been on this site, you're making me wish for a block/ignore button so I don't have to see your verbal diarrhea on the few threads we have left. Everyone knows your game at this point dude, as someone said own up to your trolling. You could also try making a football argument. Or better yet, just leave.

    I know, I know, I'm feeding the troll.
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    There is an ignore feature now. Click the moron's name and then click ignore in the box that opens up. As soon as I saw Al in Tardville was back, it gave me immense pleasure to ignore the idiot.
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  16. aggie16

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    Funny, what caused you to start trolling this board was an slight posted by one of us on your masturbation fantasy Tommy Brady. Led you to create a poll in another thread because you were so butthurt and I'm the one who is fragile. This coming from a small man who is begging for attention, negative or not, because he has no self esteem, is viewed as disgusting by women and gets a woody by making other people angry.

    What really sucks for you is that other trolls look down at you because you really suck at it.
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  17. tunafat

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  18. aggie16

    aggie16 Franchise Player Bears

    John Fox compared Trubisky's first preseason start to Tim Tebow. First off Johnny boy, you weren't even the coach of Tebow his rookie year so are you basing this off the preseason game you watched? Second, this is the second time you have brought up Tebow and Trubisky. You first said you may have a Tebow like package in for him. Now comparing him to f*cking Tebow? Cant wait for this mother f*cker to get fired, he is becoming old and delusional. How any coach worth a shit could watch Trubisky play in that first preseason game and compare him to Tebow in anyway is just absurd. Just don't fuck him up this year Fox, sit him on the bench and get your ass fired.
  19. bigrobo876

    bigrobo876 Franchise Player Bears

    We may have our differences Aggie but I know your better than this. You do know that Fox was comparing the hype surrounding those two players and not their style of play or effectiveness running an offense right?

    You do know that Fox was the HC of the Broncos at the height of Tebowmania right?

    Let's look how that went. Orton was the vet starter. Tebow the fan favorite backup. Fox worked Tebow in slowly giving him a package that worked to his strengths. After a 1-4 start Fox benches Orton and hands the reigns to Tebow who goes 7-4 as the starter leading them to an upset playoff win against the steelers.

    If you can't see the similarities between that and what is happening in Chicago right now I don't know what to tell you. What do you expect Fox to say about the QB situation after Preseason game #1?

    "Holy shit this Trubisky kid is the real deal. Starting immediately there is an open competition for the starting job."

    Let's see how the second game goes before we start calling the coaching staff morons. I mean it's the same coaching staff that prepared their inexperienced rookie QB to play well isn't it?
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  20. BearsWillWin

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    Almost everything Trubisky showed off in his first preseason action......accuracy, mobility, and intelligence....are traits he had before being drafted by the Bears.

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