Greatest Gift you ever Received ?

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    This should be interesting! What is the greatest gift you ever received? It could your spouse, the birth of your child, life from your Parents or a Birthday, Christmas or any other gift. Lets hear what they are...?

    For me, it had to be tix to see ND-USC at ND in 1995. I am a huge ND fan, (sucker I know) and I never been to South Bend before, so to get end-zone tickets from my roommates neighbor, who had tickets for 50 years, was an incredible gift. Apparently the old neighbor never gave up her ND tix to anyone and my roommate begged her to let me see ND once for my Birthday, so she agreed and me and my roommate went. He never saw ND live either, so we both went for our first time. To go to South Bend was like something out of a dream for me. I couldn't believe I was actually there. Keep in mind this was bf eBay and Stubhub so getting tix was impossible. I still have the tix stub.

    Top 5 other gifts:

    2) Schwinn BMX Bike for Xmas in 1984. I was 13.

    3) My brother's back up car, a 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88, after my car got stolen and I had no money to get another car, so he gave me his.

    4) To be inducted into my High School's Soccer Hall of Fame on a special Honorary Award. Me and this guy, who was also an alumni, were the award's inaugural winners.

    5) a leather jacket in 1992 I had my eye on but couldn't afford. My brother overheard me talking about it and he and my 2 other brothers got it for me for Christmas! I was stunned as I didn't know they even knew about it and it was really expensive and they all chipped in to get it for me.

    What do you guys got ?

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