Easier to find RB or WR in later rounds?

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    In my league we have to start 2 RBs . I'm thinking 2 of my first three picks should be RB. They go quick and there are not a lot of quality #1 guys. Thoughts?
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    It is always easier to find serviceable WRs late. Remember you get 2 or 3 on the field all game while only 1 and maybe 2 RBs see any significant action. There is the zero RB strategy which is not to take any early and go for underrated value late but be careful because the new trend seems to be for many RBs to go sooner than later.
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    A guy in my league had the #1 pick and took Antonio Brown. By the time his second and third picks came around there was not a RB worth that pick. He ended up with Frank Gore and Tevin Coleman as his starting RBs.
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    I've been on both sides of the fence, and they both have statistical merit. The problem is, it depends on your draft, and the specific results of the season. Every situation is dynamic.

    Two years ago, I drafted Jamaal Charles early, followed a little later by Dez Bryant. Obviously, that did not go well for me. I still finished third.

    Last year, I drafted Julio Jones and another receiver early... More injuries compounding, I still took third.

    There isn't a right answer. Statistically, you're likely to score more points with WR's. You're also more likely to have consistent high point totals if you pick the right RB's. But injuries can ruin you, picking the wrong RB or WR high can ruin you...

    There's not an answer. Statistically, both strategies have merit. Base your strategy off of your draft position, the dynamics of the draft itself, and your intuition on how you think things are going to play out.

    Someone might get lucky and draft the top 2 RB's all year long with their first two picks. Someone might get unlucky and lose both of their star picks in week one.

    I'm not playing fantasy football anymore, for a number of reasons, but one of the is that, no matter how hard you may work at it, you just finish in third, and the guy in first won off of pure luck. And that's no fun.

    Edit: to answer your specific question, you're going to have better luck with WR's late. There are more of them on the field at any one time, and there are more points to go around between them. But the point total is not what's important - it's the point spread between player A and player B. Usually, by late in the draft, both RB's and WR's in that regard are depleted. You can, however, find notable QB, TE, and DST spreads in that range, alongside any WR or RB hunches that turn into diamonds.

    For example, the QB I drafted in round 12 scored as much as the QB someone else drafted in round 3. This wasn't due to luck or injury - in fact, both players followed my personal statistical projections (based on history, team changes from the prior year, and my personal evaluation). Great DST's can usually be had late, as well.

    The waiver wire in the first few weeks of the season is just as, if not more important than the draft. If your league is currently using the "losers get first claim" method... change it. Or leave.
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