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  1. LAOJoe

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    Normally you would likely win. We've had people score 200+ and lose before but I can't remember how high the highest was for sure. Last year Quew won with 297 points. I am not sure if 296 points is the 3rd highest or not without looking back at logs but some are lost from CBS. Plus on the old system you might be closer to 350 than 300, maybe. I don't remember if anyone ever scored 300. Some years just getting a positive score is an achievement. Later on I can try your mock with the old system to see if it was better than Quew last year but don't count on me lol.

    I think we might have had a year with a few 300+. I can't remember, but Quew definitely had the best score ever this year.
  2. TopDawg

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    Joe, now that you've had a week to let the smoke clear, how did you like your Eagles draft?

    I know this much, I really thought Philly blew it away as host city....Pretty awesome.

    I'm sure you are aware, my Browns have parlayed the big Philly trade from last year into a slew of players, with a couple more premium choices coming next year....The main ones are Corey Coleman, Kessler, Kizer + next year #1 and #2....

    Believe me, I'm not insinuating at all that we won....Just wanted to get your take. You happy with Wentz?
  3. LAOJoe

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    I really liked the Eagles draft. I gave it an A grade earlier and still do. As for the Browns I gave them a B+ that was bumped down from an A- due to circumstances. We can argue about that on the draft grade thread later if you look at it.

    As for the Wentz trade you can't simply say there is a winner and a loser. Yes all the Eagles got was Wentz and Pumphrey while the Browns got a dozen players and still have a future 1st and 2nd from it. The Browns are still trying to get value from it via trade down while still having some premium picks but you need to remember that getting Wentz and the tragedy of Bridgewater allowed the Eagles to not only dump Bradford but get a 1st this year and a 4th next. That would never have happened without Wentz. You can bet on it. Eagles essentially dumped contracts to move up to the Dolphins pick and then gave a 2nd and 3rd to Cleveland to move up to #2 overall for a franchise QB. That is dirt cheap. It doesn't look like that for the Browns because Bradford isn't involved. They likely win too unless they goofed and never find a QB or success for a while while Wentz does well. On the other hand Wentz could do poorly but a 2nd and 3rd for that move up is sweet. People seem so hung up on seeing all the Browns picks and thinking Philly lost because the Browns had to have come out roses (there are reporters that say that). I just laugh. Can't both win?
  4. TopDawg

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    I know this isn't the right thread for that Q, but this thread is going to be abandoned soon anyway...

    My opinion....Eagles got lucky and somehow got the 2nd best pass rusher in this draft....Sydney was a luxury that your squad could afford to take, and the payoff will likely be tremendous...and you already know my thoughts on Mack Hollins. That's another steal...
  5. TopDawg

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    The Browns are using that tradedown with Philly as the springboard to the massive rebuild....So far, I like what they have done. Obviously the real key to that trade will hinge on Kizer or Kessler, or 2018 QB(?)....

    That's really all that matters...Corey Coleman and a few other pieces to the puzzle are nice, but Browns must find a QB...In 3 years, if Wentz developes into a stud QB, and Browns still haven't found one, then Philly wins. It really is that simple IMO.
  6. LAOJoe

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    Philly doesn't win unless Wentz is good (to what level you can argue). They don't lose unless Wentz isn't. The Browns part of the deal has no concern to them, nor does it if they win as well or not.

    For the Browns it's a bit more complicated since they passed on Wentz but they can still win without the Eagles losing if Wentz is great and they find a QB and use the other talent they got to help the team as well. If Wentz is a bust the Browns likely get a small win a tthe least since someone they drafted had to help out.
  7. TopDawg

    TopDawg M.V.P. Browns

  8. TopDawg

    TopDawg M.V.P. Browns

    a "small win"? lol!. I don't think so... If Wentz turns out to be a bust, that's a HUGE win for Cleveland
  9. LAOJoe

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    I said "at least". Even if everyone they drafted goes to shit quickly someone would still have done something. Worst case scenario (which I don't see happening).
  10. TopDawg

    TopDawg M.V.P. Browns

    It pretty much ALL hinges on the development of Carson Wentz....

    As you know, I really liked Wentz...It's going to be a really interesting one to follow .

    I do believe the trade can work out well for both, but you know as well as I do, the masses will want to declare a true winner at some point.
  11. TopDawg

    TopDawg M.V.P. Browns

    I understand, but even if it was just for Corey coleman alone. The notion that we could have potentially added any talent to the roster , while avoiding another "bust" QB, would have to have been considered a big win for Cleveland...
  12. Quew777

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    Another wrinkle on this, The Browns might not of able to develop Wentz nearly as well as the Eagles have (depending on how he turns out).

    From what I hear is that Kizer needs some confidence rebuilt, and the Browns could be one of the better teams to do that. Kelly never wanted Kizer, he never took full 1st QB reps in spring ball ever( even in HS Kizer never took full reps), he wanted Zaire to win that job. If Kizer made a mistake he'd have a coach that never believed in him chew his butt out and so that affected his play. He needs some time to develop and he may or may not get that chance. Drafting a QB in the 2nd round doesn't mean that the Browns won't take one next year. (Jimmy Clausen to Cam Newton, Drew Stanton to Matthew Stafford).

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