DeShone Kizer making case to be Browns starting QB

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by News Desk, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. IrishDawg42

    IrishDawg42 M.V.P. Browns

    Holy Crap...patience?

    You are talking about the "named starter for preseason" as if he is such hot garbage we are wasting snaps in practice with him...

    Then championing the guy who didn't grow from last season on the very problems keeping him from being a viable NFL QB.

    Kizer wasn't either of those things...

    I think the natural progression would be to play him against the 2's this week, which is what I mentioned...THEN AS I MENTIONED, if the status quo remains that he can play against that group...then the next step would be to start him in the 3rd preseason game.

    How is that not being patient.

    I didn't say, name him starter so he gets all the first team reps...That would be impatient.

  2. TopDawg

    TopDawg M.V.P. Browns

    Kizer looked like a rookie at times, as expected. But he also looked spectacular on a couple throws. I was most impressed with his vision and footwork. Kizer just stayed calm, moved laterally to the open lane, and dropped a couple beautiful bombs on the Saints, including the game winner, which came on a gutsy 4th down throw...Kessler looked exactly like Kessler. Nothing has changed. He threw a couple nice passes, but was most underwhelming. The "TD drive" was set-up by the defense....

    I mentioned right at the beginning of camp that I thought Kizer would take this starting job during the preseason, and that it wouldn't be that close. Nothing happened last night to make me think otherwise...

    I was happy they got the W....Meaningless to a lot of teams, but not the Cleveland Browns. That was a good start. If Kizer keeps making those kind of plays, this will be his team very soon.
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  3. SAS

    SAS Franchise Player Browns

    Holy crap?

    Just so I'm clear, you want to give the starting job to our worst quarterback, unless someone happens to trade for him, and then start the rookie sometime between Game 3 and Game 8 (both of which happen before the BYE week).

    Yes... that is impatient.

    Kizer isn't the difference between 1-15 and 15-1. This team, however, could be on the verge of a turnaround from 1-15 to 8-8. I'm not willing to develop a rookie when there are very winnable games on the schedule with (A) an improved running game, (B) an improved running defense, (C) and competent, game-managing QB who makes smart decisions with the football.

    Until Cody Kessler becomes a deterrent to winning football games, I'm not starting another guy over him. And as gross as it is to say, I am not starting Kizer if Kessler gets hurt - only once he proves he can't do it.
  4. SAS

    SAS Franchise Player Browns

    I am also shocked we have to have this discussion after the first preseason game when a rookie, playing against third string defenders, produced almost as well in his game as a WR/QB hybrid did in his game (Joe Webb).

    Pump. The. Brakes.
  5. IrishDawg42

    IrishDawg42 M.V.P. Browns

    I was reiterating, what you said...

    No, I didn't say that at all, it just speaks to your ability on a Friday to comprehend....

    I stated quite clearly, to give it to the best of last night, that was Kizer. However...WITH PATIENCE...I stated, not to elevate him to starter, but rather give him the 2nd team reps in this weeks game...THEN and only THEN, if he keeps his level of play at the level it was last night AND no other QB becomes a stud on less practice reps(because Kizer earned more reps last night)...THEN and only THEN, let him start the 3rd preseason game....

    What exactly do you not understand here?

    What I said was, IF HE DIDN'T maintain his level of play last night throughout any of the next two games, the veteran should start the season as to not stunt the rookies growth. IF he does maintain that level of play through the next two stages, then you are silly to think either of the other two QBs give us a better chance to gain 8 wins on the year by starting them over him.

    Your disdain for him is shining through SAS, if he continues to grow over the next two games and outplay the other two, with more responsibility against better competition, then you can't argue against him starting over them.
    If Kessler refuses to throw the ball downfield and continues to take sacks, then I disagree...he has already reached the status of deterrent to winning football games.
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  6. IrishDawg42

    IrishDawg42 M.V.P. Browns

    Well, it's in relation to the QBs who played before him, and get used to it, we will be having this conversation after every game, preseason or otherwise until we find our reliable starter...Geesh, where have you been?
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  7. beachbum

    beachbum M.V.P. Steelers

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  8. TopDawg

    TopDawg M.V.P. Browns

    I agree...For his first NFL game experience, that was most impressive. When Kizer can set his feet, that deep ball is a thing of beauty. I loved the way he hung in the pocket and waited for the receiver to break open on the game winner. He Took the hit, and delivered a strike. That was good stuff, and I don't care that it came against third teamers at all. Ya gotta start somewhere.. It was clutch. Also the pass just before the 2 minute warning to pick up 22 on third a 24 was pretty sweet. That's what set it all up...

    SAS, I understand "pump the breaks", but it's okay for Browns fans to be excited about what they saw from the golden domer. Maybe we did finally get it right. To me, it's just felt right from the beginning with Deshone Kizer. We patiently waited for him to fall into our laps on draft day, and he really seems like he could be the real deal. Last night was a fun night for Browns fans, and we don't get many of those, pre-season or otherwise. Give credit to Kizer for that. He is gonna have this team really believing in him soon, if they don't already...
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  9. IrishDawg42

    IrishDawg42 M.V.P. Browns

    haha...I just watched it again, 5th time.

    You realize, he had a 114 rating, threw for 60% completion on 18 attempts...184 yards on those 11 completions, 16.72 yards per completion. I know he threw the two bombs and you can't count on that every time out, also doesn't take into account:

    His second pass of the night went through the hands and bounced off his receivers shoulder pads that would have been AT LEAST another 18 yards (above that 16.72 yard per completion ave.).

    His 5th pass was deep in their own side on first down, he drilled the ball into the ground, because the receiver ran a lazy route and if he tried to sneak it into him, it would have been picked off. #95 had the beat on the receiver and Kizer saw him.

    Threw another one out of bounds because of no one open, or even close to being open.

    Then had another pass that should have taken his totals down to 17 attempts, because the pass interference was so blantantly bad he turned the receiver before the ball was even thrown. I won't count that as the 10 yard 1st down that could have been, because the receiver was so taken out of the play, I can't tell for certain if it was a probable catch.

    Taking those into consideration...and I realize I am reaching here, I'm not oblivious to that fact...but dammit, I'm, excited and quite frankly it irks me that a fan like Sam is won't acknowledge what the kid did AT ALL...BUT..

    If you take the PI play out and add in his dropped pass, he could have/should have been 12 of 17 for at least 202 yards on the night...that's 70.6% completion, 202 yards 1 TD and 0 INTs..(SAS, you are always talking about Kessler's "adjusted completion percentage numbers", so I don't want to hear about how stupid this is)

    Even after talking about all of that...What impressed me the most were the passes that only went 6-8 yards...THOSE were his check downs and he put them in so precise that no defender had a chance to make a play on them. Our check downs in the past were lob throws at the line of scrimmage that the defenders had time to come up and make a play on to keep them under 2-5 yards.

    Sorry, I am excited about what I saw..

    That could all turn on it's ear game 2, when he most likely faces better defenders..and my enthusiasm will be curbed when/if that happens...but until that happens I will call it for how I see it and the kid looked good.
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  10. TopDawg

    TopDawg M.V.P. Browns

    We play the Giants a week from Monday on national TV. We'll see how Kizer looks on a little bigger stage. If he gets the start, he'll get to go against a fierce NYG defensive line. Hopefully we can run the ball a little better and take some heat off all the QB's.
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  11. showstopper

    showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    The TD throw was the easy part...that DB never thought they wuld go bombs away on 4th down and had a lazy back pedal...the 3rd and 24 play was nother soft coverage to give up 22 yds...I wuldnt anoint Kizer anywhere on the depth chart and I agree w SAS but I also disagree that Kessler is leading the charge...Osweiler is the starter and Kessler did nothing to take that away
  12. beachbum

    beachbum M.V.P. Steelers

    "Did nothing..." :rake:
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  13. IrishDawg42

    IrishDawg42 M.V.P. Browns

    Kizer "Did SOMETHING"
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  14. IrishDawg42

    IrishDawg42 M.V.P. Browns

    That's the whole point Stopper...With Kessler, he's right, there is no way they go bombs away...It makes the defense' job easier when he is in there.
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  15. TopDawg

    TopDawg M.V.P. Browns

    Yes, because we all know that 50 yard touchdown bombs come easy in this league. Especially when trailing in the final two minutes. We had so many of those last year, I! smh..

    Nobody is "anointing" anyone. It was an encouraging beginning for our rookie QB....That's all. It was also a good start for Watson, Trubisky and Maholmes. Nobody gets anointed at this point of the preseason....My guess is, they all earned more reps with the starters. We'll see who continues to excel in week two, because you can bet they are gonna ratchet up the pressure on these guys.
  16. showstopper

    showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    I can agree w that....Kessler needs a 5 yd window or else he hesitates....he doesnt take many chances
  17. SAS

    SAS Franchise Player Browns

    I'll just... leave these here.
  18. SAS

    SAS Franchise Player Browns

    Shock. He had throws of 45 and 52 yards... no big surprise he had a 16.7 yards-per-completion number. So weird, it's like I've seen this exact playbook before...

    Bob Griffin (vs. Falcons): 158.3 (perfect) rating, 2 TDs, 16.0 yards-per-completion
    Bob Griffin (vs. Buccaneers): 158.3 (perfect) rating, 1 TD, 14.9 yards-per-completion

    Oh, wait.
  19. SAS

    SAS Franchise Player Browns

    Despite what the few folks fan-girling over DeShone Kizer would say, I'm not "anti-Kizer" by any means. I simply don't believe he should be the regular season Week 1 starter, barring injury to the two other guys (sorry, K-Ho) in the running.

    The two deep throws against the third- and fourth-string defenders on the 2016 season's worst pass defense would result in at best incompletions and more likely interceptions against different opponents. Yes, there were some nice things on display with Kizer, he moved well in the pocket and looked the secondary off with his eyes - the throws themselves were fundamentally awful and again, would be null against better defense.

    Brock Osweiler is, without agenda, one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. I am not going to get caught up too much in who's taking reps week-to-week through the preseason, but if we head into Week 1 with Brock as the starter, we are hopelessly and irrevocably screwed.
  20. SAS

    SAS Franchise Player Browns

    And while it kills me to say this, I still wouldn't want to starter Kizer over Osweiler simply because I don't want to stunt his maturation process and development. In this League, it's incredibly easy to 'break' a quarterback and few teams have been better at that than the Browns over the last two decades.
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