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    The Sabres acquired Nathan Beaulieu, D, from Montreal for a measly 3rd round pick.

    Some thoughts & observations:
    1) Nat hails from Strathroy, ON, Canada. That is the hometown of one Brian F. Campbell who once, you may recall, played D for the Sabres and acquitted himself very well. Oh boy! love me some Strathroy D!
    2) Nathan was a 1st round pick not too long ago by the Habs. If he had played to his draft status he'd never have been traded.
    3) If it weren't for the exp. draft he'd never have been traded either, at least not for a 3rd.
    4) He is 24 yrs. old; the age that d-men traditionally come into their own in the NHL. It is much too early to project his career trajectory based on his NHL stats.
    5) The Sabres recently hired a HC that has a reputation for working well with young d-men to help them develop. Obviously it's too early to say for sure what impact teh Phil Housley will have on the Sabres, but it is reasonable, (even understated), to say that he may have a positive impact.

    Antipin, Beaulieu, and possibly Guhle will be new blueliners next season. Ristoleinen, McCabe, and Beaulieu (Antipin is exempt)will be protected in the exp. draft. Kulikov* and Franson are as good as gone. God bless the Vegas Golden Knights if they select Gorges or Bogosian. (* Kulikov will probably make his new team very happy. It could have been different if the bench door hadn't hit him on the ass the first week of the season, and if he hadn't been traded to a Bylsma coached team.)

    So far, so good. The Sabres D will almost assuredly be much more stout next season - granted, that's not actually saying much.
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    There's room for one more top-four d-man if Botterill can find a reasonable trade partner.

    There are a lot more options than just Anaheim and Minnesota for those teams looking for D. Montreal has probably unloaded what they will, but the Islanders have D, (I think de Haan could be had and he's underrated). Hex in Philly might trade D in for the right return. Both VAN & CHI could be cajoled out of D during the entry draft - if not already arranged expansion draft moves.

    Of course Vegas may benefit from the demand for D by drafting & flipping, which could result in players moving to teams that typically do not trade with each other.
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    It's been "reported" widely that former GM Tim Murray had an expansion draft deal in place with his buddy McPhee. Of course that's not binding on new GM Jason Botterill, but the word is that the TM deal involved Vegas taking Matt Moulson in return for not selecting a G, Larsson, Carrier, or Girgensons (one or more of which may be exposed). That's likely to cost a fairly high draft pick and a decent prospect.

    Moulson is a Cornell guy so it'll be sad to see him go, it's also sad to lose a player that genuinely loves playing in Buffalo. That is all offset by the subtraction of his $5.25MM salary for the next 2 seasons.
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    Nathan Beaulieu for a 3rd is a steal... he's only going to get better. Had career highs in goals assists and points last season. As a Wings fan who's team is lacking good defensive talent, I'm jealous.
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    The exp. draft protected list for the Sabres:
    Ryan O?Reilly
    Kyle Okposo
    Evander Kane
    Johan Larsson
    Marcus Foligno
    Tyler Ennis
    Zemgus Girgensons

    Rasmus Ristolainen
    Jake McCabe
    Nathan Beaulieu

    Robin Lehner

    The biggest names left unprotected by Buffalo include Will Carrier, Zach Bogosian, Matt Moulson, and Linus Ullmark.

    This is pretty much what I expected with only a mild surprise the Tyler Ennis was protected at Will Carrier's expense. Carrier or Linus Ullmark will be most attractive to Vegas if they go with young talent. There are persistent rumors that the Sabres & Golden Knights have a deal worked out that would probably protect these two, and would see Matt Moulson along with a pick and/or prospect going to Vegas.

    All in all, the expansion draft probably represents more of an opportunity for Buffalo than a risk. Losing Carrier would not feel good, but that's the worst that could happen. Meanwhile, BUF may drop salary and/or take a flip from Vegas for some other team's more valuable asset.
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  7. KilkennyDan

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    Consider the "Laffable" source. Yes, that's an intended play on the Toronto Laffs.

    Buffalo got an F for the 2016-17 season and it doesn't take much insight to recognize that. Otherwise, this "analysis" was extraordinarily shallow - even insipid even by the normally egregiously biased perspective of Leafs fans.

    The commentary on Ristoleinen was devoid of any context. It was an abuse of advanced analytics that looks at the "facts" (the stats) and makes no effort to put them in context of team and coaching style. In fact, it seems devoid of any awareness that context even matters.

    The Sabres need to do a lot this offseason, but that is not commentary - it's the obvious. In fact, they already have:
    - The team has a GM that can much more effectively communicate to others within the organization. And, BTW, one who is purported to be an absolute wiz with salary capology.
    - The team hired a new head coach that is expected to utilize a system that is recognizable as 21st century hockey.
    - The D has already gotten younger and faster, and with players that can carry the puck with the additions of Antipin and Beaulieu.

    There were several anomalies to last season's fail that are not so easily explained with the pat "they a suck" style of analysis.
    - The Sabres were number 1 in the NHL in PP. For a team that purports to have had trouble scoring (which they did on 5v5 and in PK and SO), that's a statistical outlier that should not be overlooked. It states - in effect - that when D is not the normal factor, Buffalo can score with alacrity. Maybe an improved D and a new coaching system can result in much improved overall results in a hurry. There's no assurance of this being the case in 2017-18, but to ignore it demonstrates the lack of intellectual capital inside the knowledge box of the writer. The inference for those that wish to look a bit below the surface is that things could turn around very quickly for this young & talented group.
    - The Sabres had a playoff-worthy record vs. teams that actually made the playoffs last season. Unfortunately, they sucked hind tittie to those teams that finished outside the playoffs. This belies a young team that cannot play consistently throughout the schedule; ultimately an undisciplined team. That can be the fault of the players, but those roster issues fall more on the GM than the players. Mostly it's the fault of the HC. To not comment on this anomaly tells me that this fucking joker has his head up his ass and should not allow his mind to wander; it's too small to be let out on its own.
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    I am bemused by the number of Sabres fans that are upset about losing William Carrier, LW, to the Golden Knights. Granted, I like him a lot; he's 22 and very fast which is what the NHL now dictates. He also had 5 goals last season, (he missed about half the year). I think it's relatively easy to find middle to bottom line wingers.

    I think he could be a nice piece for the VGK's should they develop into a playoff team in a few years. Still, Vegas paid 1/2 a billion dollars for the right to build an NHL roster and for that the owners could not offer mere crumbs.
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    Adding Marco Scandella is a huge boost to Buffalo's defense. The other pieces in today's trade are really just spare parts.

    Tyler Ennis' best hockey were two year's ago. A healthy Poninville is more than an adequate replacement.

    Marcus Foligno is interchangeable with Johann Larsson in Buffalo, and it's good to open up a roster spot for a prospect that gives the Sabres better balance and flexibility.

    This could be a win for both teams, but it is definitely a win for Buffalo due to Scandella.
  10. KilkennyDan

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    Left Wing

    These LW's have been removed from the Sabres roster this offseason:
    1) Will Carrier, VGK, expansion
    2) Tyler Ennis, MIN, trade
    3) Marcus Foligno, MIN, trade

    And it is openly discussed, even expected by some, that Evander Kane will be dealt.

    Justin Bailey and Alex Nylander could become top six LW's but they're 1 to 3 years from realizing their NHL potential.

    Improving the defense was simply an imperative, and that has been done. In fact, a vastly improved D along with better coaching schemes could easily directly lead to better F scoring.

    It is somewhat remarkable that after subtracting three vet. LW's that the scoring hit to Buffalo is not much. It points to how thin this position really was for the Sabres. Still, GM Botterill must now look at LW as a very high priority; be it trade or FA.

    Thomas Vanek is on record stating he'd like to skate for BUF again before retiring. With his buddy Pommer now back in town, he may be ready to accept a modest salary to provide bottom six production.

    I think GM JB will inquire if Marleau would like to finish his career as a Sabre, (don't laugh, he grew up as a Buffalo fan).

    There should be plenty of trade options, but getting a top six type may be more challenging.
  11. KilkennyDan

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    While I whiled away composing the message above, Jason Botterill was busy signing old friend Chad Johnson, G, and also LW, Benoit Pouliot. They both signed for one year, and that's perfect for the Sabres needs - both for the short term and for the long term.

    I still think they'll try to sign one more FA LW. And I think Botterill will prowl for opportunities that may arise in the LW trade market.

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