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Discussion in 'Chicago Blackhawks' started by Mackladder, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Mackladder

    Mackladder Home Town Favorite Bears

    Looks like Marian Hossa's career might be done unfortunately , didn't see this coming for sure but sounds like his health is in danger if he continues to play with the allergy he has .

    If it's the end it was one hell of a career and he's one of the reason's the made this run with 3 Cups with the Hawks.
  2. Will

    Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Vikings Redwings Official

    Great player... too bad to see him have to deal with this, very unfortunate.
  3. mattymcgee55

    mattymcgee55 Legend Bruins

    I've been a Hossa fan since his Atlanta days, love his game.
    That said, if Chicago can sneak out of the backend of that contract it's a score for the organization. This was one of the last front loaded long term deals that the NHL had allowed and it was inevitable that it would come back around to haunt the Blackhawks......unless they paid to unload him or find a way to get him on LTIR.
    Seems like this situation was a driving force in the reacquisition of Saad.
  4. BearsWillWin

    BearsWillWin Herodotus Patreon Champion Bears

    One of fav Hawks ever.

    Sucks to see a HOF career end that way.
  5. KilkennyDan

    KilkennyDan Let's Go Buffalo! Patreon Champion Sabres Bills

    Saw Hossa score #500 last year (the hockey team from Philadelphia got their balls stomped in that game. A sweet twofer that night.)

    Sucks because I think he still has plenty in the tank. But the end comes inevitably to all players. For the Hawks, let's face it, this was a perfect way to finish his career from a cap perspective.
  6. Al in Cal

    Al in Cal Franchise Player

    One of my favorite players of all time.
  7. Al in Cal

    Al in Cal Franchise Player

    I am hoping for the best. I wonder if what he has is the shingles or similar to it. In the case of shingles, it can go away but while one has it, a severe case anyway, it is some of the worst pain ever I am told.

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