Babyfan's 8th Annual NFL Pick 'Em Contest

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    Are you ready for some football??

    Are you ready to prove that you are the Winner of the Babyfan's 8th Annual NFL Pick 'Em Contest, the best Pick 'Em Contest on the entire web, right here at Live 4 Sport Network?

    Our contest has been tweaked and reformatted to provide you with the best pick experience of your life! The game is straight up picks and there will be a prize for the Winner at the end!

    So get your name in here so I can put you down on the list. I'll post the picks schedule every week and then post the winners. Bookmark this link so you don't miss any of the games! You have until one hour before the games start to post your picks. Don't forget about the Thursday night games!

    A new feature from last season is if a member is unable to post their picks for whatever reason, they will automatically have their picks posted for them using all away teams. That will keep everyone's scores competitive if they miss a week or two.

    Come on ... Let's play some football!!

    Sign up here:

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