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    Season opener, tonight. I cannot wait. So stoked.

    There will be a lot of new faces on the ice, but they'll be surrounding the very familiar, very talented and key players that have established the core of this team. I think this team has really improved, which is so supremely exciting.

    The real struggle is going to be overcoming the losses of stars Bjugstad and Huberdeau. Bjugstad will be out for another 4-ish weeks with a broken hand. Huberdeau, unfortunately, will be out a lot longer - 3-4 months with an Achilles injury. Each were lost in the last two games of the preseason, which makes it all the more tough. These injuries really hurt. But, young, new Panthers Malgin and Marchessault will replace them for the start of the season, with Marchessault joining Barkov and Jagr on the top line. That's exciting for them, and if they prove to be NHL studs early on, they'll only make the team better when the two injured stars come back.

    This is an exciting team, and an exciting time. Let's get this thing kicked off. Devils come to town tonight for the season opener. Bring it on.

  2. dlinebass5

    dlinebass5 Franchise Player Bears

    Marchessault with the first goal of the season, and his first as a Panther. I neglected to mention how excited to see this guy get his shot on the top line, with the expectations that go along with it. He stood out to me with Tampa, and was on fire in the preseason. Seeing him get things started like that was just awesome. I really like what he brings to the team, and think he's gonna be a huge asset for us this year. Once Huberdeau comes back, Marchessault will drop the third line, which is crazy how dangerous this team can be, with everyone healthy.

    Loving this start. Giving up some looks on the other side, but they've done a fantastic job of grabbing the puck away near and between the blue lines.
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    dlinebass5 Franchise Player Bears

    Panthers with a big win in overtime to open the season. Barkov nets the game winner off of a fantastic play by Matheson, who threw down his man from a near standstill behind the net and made a sweet pass across the net to a charging Barkov. I've been awfully skeptical of Matheson, and his defensive game was again rough in this one. But he very much redeemed himself - that was a gutsy play after being on the ice beyond his shift, which was long and tough in itself.

    Still a lot of kinks to work out on this team. They're very sloppy - clearly the new faces and recent injuries have had an impact, as several opportunities were missed by miscommunication/anticipation. But the team is clearly more talented top to bottom than they were last year. Lungo keeps proving my fears wrong, as he was just money on some big saves. The defense has A LOT to work on. They let the puck get in deep, collapsed ineffectively, and gave up too many easy shots. But every man on the ice showed the capability to pick pockets, get in lanes, and turn the puck up ice. They just have to be better once it gets into their zone. If this defense can pull it together, and they can stay healthy, this will be a dangerous team.

    Cannot wait. The season is just getting started. I'll be at the Red Wings game on Saturday, directly behind the attacking goal. Let's go. Cheers, all.
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    Now that they finally took the keys away from Tallon, things should be pretty stable by the end of the season. Yes, I know he was "promoted" but it was pretty obvious they had to undo much of what he did in hockey ops. It didn't take long for rounds of firings and significant roster turnover to happen. They lost quite a bit of continuity with all the changes at the blueline and that Huberdeau injury didn't help things, but I think they'll be ready to start chugging along as a consistent and strong group around midway through the year. If they can get through the first 2 months without stumbling, I think they'll slide into the playoff fairly easily...if.

    Can't wait to see how Yandle is utilized and the progression of Ekblad and Matheson. Hopefully Barkov can stay on the ice all year.

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