Cleveland Browns – Dear Mr. Haslam… Articles NFL 

Cleveland Browns – Dear Mr. Haslam…

That thud you heard about 10:00 this morning was the collective hopes of Browns fans that your “new” logo was a precursor to actual change within your organization. Change that would revive this once proud franchise. Instead we got business as usual.

I don’t have a clue on how much your Marketing Group spent to freshen up this logo but my eight year old Grandson could have done the same job with a brown Crayola. He stays inside the lines really well and would have done it for about 25 bucks. The only redeeming value of this “new look” is that it virtually rules out Nike providing new neon orange uniforms similar to the eye bleeders worn by the Oregon Ducks.

If I could be so bold as to give you a little advise . . .

Stop with all of the hype. This “new logo” could have been introduced without leaking the story a week ago. The old adage of “there is no such thing as bad publicity” doesn’t hold water in the NFL. Your team has single handedly kept a whole army of comedy writers gainfully employed since you assumed ownership. You want to put them out of work? Improve the product on the field.

You want to energize the fan base? Take a lesson from your prior NFL affiliation – the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have had exactly two losing seasons since the Browns returned to the NFL. They have been a playoff team nine times and have added two more Lombardi Trophies in their lobby. In that same time frame, your Cleveland Browns have had only two winning seasons.

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