Redskins Sign Josh Norman Articles NFL 

Redskins Sign Josh Norman

The First question that surfaced was, why would the Panthers let Josh Norman go? The second question was, who could afford him? Well, it didnt take long for those questions to be answered and now we know. The Redskins scooped him up… this is from the AP… WASHINGTON (AP) — Josh Norman posed for photos with a pen and his new contract and smiled ear-to-ear alongside Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan and family members decked out in fresh team gear. Two days after being cast off by the Carolina…

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The State of the Minnesota Vikings Articles NFL 

The State of the Minnesota Vikings

The Off-season Moves… The Vikings resigned a handful of players and brought in some much needed help via Free Agency. These players are guard Alex Boone from the San Francisco 49ers, tackle Andre Smith of the Cincinnati Bengals, and safety Michael Griffin from the Tennessee Titans. This addresses two areas that the Vikings needed, they got a former Pro Bowl offensive lineman in Boone who might not be playing at that level anymore, but if he’s anything like it that will be a major improvement and Smith has been an…

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Cleveland Browns – Fleecing the Fans Articles NFL 

Cleveland Browns – Fleecing the Fans

October 12, 2012. That’s the date that James Arthur Haslam III was unanimously approved by 31 NFL owners as the new majority owner of the Cleveland Browns. Since that date 3 ½ years ago, Mr. Haslam has fired three Head Coaches (Pat Shurmur, Rob Chudzinski and Mike Pettine), three General Managers (Tom Heckert, Mike Lombardi and Ray Farmer) and also either asked or allowed three Team Presidents (Mike Holmgren, Joe Banner and Alec Scheiner) to leave the organization. Not surprisingly, his record so far as owner of the Cleveland Browns…

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Broncos Win Super Bowl 50 Articles NFL 

Broncos Win Super Bowl 50

Broncos D dominates Panthers in 24-10 Super Bowl win! Super Bowl 50 featured one of the most impressive defensive show-cases I can remember. The Broncos D was swarming. Von Miller showed me one of the all-time greatest defensive Super Bowl appearances I have ever seen… After all was said and done I was certainly impressed with the way the Broncos played. It was also a bit surprising to me. A picture of a blow-out Super Bowl was being painted in a lot of peoples minds by some sources and media….

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Super Bowl 50 Articles NFL 

Super Bowl 50

Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos Sun, Feb 7, 2016 After a weekend of AFC and NFC Championship football games, we all now know who the two combatants for the 50th Super Bowl is. The Carolina Panthers will play the Denver Broncos. A match-up that features an interesting QB battle and two pretty good defenses. Lets check a few things out… Peyton Manning is the only five-time MVP in NFL history, one of the faces of the league and, at 39, the oldest starting quarterback to lead a team to the…

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NFL Moneyball Articles NFL 

NFL Moneyball

The news that the Browns hired Paul DePodesta on January 6th as Chief Strategy Officer raised more than a few eyebrows, not only in Cleveland but, around the entire league – indeed, the entire sporting world as DePodesta’s pedigree came from Major League Baseball. Adding some context to this puzzling announcement was that just three days prior, on January 3rd, Head Coach Mike Pettine was released along with General Manager Ray Farmer. In Farmer’s place would be Sashi Brown who previously held the position of General Council for the Browns…

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NFL Divisional Playoffs Articles NFL 

NFL Divisional Playoffs

The Wildcard weekend certainly lived up to its name and now the Divisional Playoffs have been set. Here is a quick preview of this weekends games. Chiefs-Patriots Preview… Taking away one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets presented further damage to a New England Patriots offense that has been dealing with injuries to its line for most of the season. Julian Edelman’s return is coming at the perfect time, but protecting Brady still might be an issue against a Kansas City Chiefs defense that has been stellar during its winning streak….

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Atlanta Falcons Receivers Facing Questions Articles NFL 

Atlanta Falcons Receivers Facing Questions

Julio Jones is obviously set in stone as Atlanta’s #1 receiver, and the monster free agent contract makes Mohamed Sanu the clear #2. But there are some interesting questions up and down the line, all the way down to the potential practice squad candidates. Let’s start with Julio… the pressing question involving him is whether offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan will continue to focus the game plan on getting the ball to Julio and no one else or if he’ll start spreading the love with the play calls. I haven’t gone…

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2016 Wildcard Weekend Articles NFL 

2016 Wildcard Weekend

Its time. Its Wildcard Weekend. The NFL Playoffs are the best and its time to take a look at whats going to happen. Here, we will take a look at the match-ups and the schedules and maybe i’ll throw in a prediction or two… check it out… First up, its the Wildcard Weekend getting kicked off on Saturday and here are the games…   Sunday brings a double-header punch also, here are those games… Previews for all 4 Wildcard Games… First up, Chiefs-Texans Preview Alex Smith claims he didn’t know…

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Vikings Win North, 20-13 over Packers Articles NFL 

Vikings Win North, 20-13 over Packers

Here we go… again. The battle of the North will be played later today by two teams that have played some very memorable games in the past. This is the playoffs come early for both teams. Even though neither team can earn a bye, the North and a home game in the playoffs is up for grabs. RECAP… AP Jan 3, 2016 at 11:53p ET GREEN BAY, Wis. A smiling Adrian Peterson held the football high in the air as if he had just won a trophy. The Minnesota Vikings…

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