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2017 Draft Grades and Analysis

Rank – 5th 0verall
The Ravens 2017 draft is one of the better classes put together this off-season. At a quick glance, an argument can be made for the possibility of 5 starters coming out of this group, with a pair of players assuming quality roles on the roster.

Marlon HumphreyRound 1, Pick 16 (16)
CB – Marlon Humphrey, Alabama / B+

I’m not as high on Marlon as most, but I understand the pick. However, with the deficiencies the Ravens had at other spots on the roster, this just feels like a bit of a wasted pick and the ties between Ozzie and Alabama feel like a potential influence here.

Tyus BowserRound 2, Pick 15 (47)
OLB – Tyus Bowser, Houston / A   

Bowser has all the athletic traits to be a stud at the professional level and his draft stock could have seen him coming off the board a bit sooner. The Ravens get a dynamic pass rusher in the middle of the second with the upside to become one of the best in this draft class.

Chris WormleyRound 3, Pick 10 (74)
DL – Chris Wormley, Michigan / A+

Wormley is my favorite player at 3-4 DE in this draft class. On one hand, I understand why some GMs devalue the position and players like Chris slide down boards. On the other hand, I would be willing to spend a much higher pick on a 10+ year starter with pro bowl potential on the defensive line most any day of the week.

Round 3, Pick 14 (78)
OLB – Tim Williams, Alabama / A   

At this point it just feels like the Ravens have decided to turn back the calendar to the year 2000 and start winning football games with suffocating defense all over again. Williams is an excellent pick for a 3-4 base team this late in the draft. If both of their picks work out for OLB in this draft, the have solidified the outside for years to come.

Round 4, Pick 16 (122)
OG – Nico Siragusa, San Diego St. / A

This is the kind of pick in the middle of the 4th round that can make an average draft class get a serious bump in grade, so what would it do for what is shaping up to be an outstanding set of picks? The Ravens are throwing darts and hitting bulls eyes at this point as Nico Siragusa has early starters potential and a high ceiling as a long term mauler in the interior of the line. This is a high value pick.

Round 5, Pick 15 (159)
OG – Jermaine Eluemunor, Texas A&M / B-

This is the first pick for the Ravens that feels like a bit of a reach. Eluemunor has a long journey ahead of him to become a competent NFL starter but the potential is there for a strong back-up option at multiple positions. It’s that flexibility that keeps this grade from being lower.

Round 6, Pick 2 (186) (From 49ers)
DB – Chuck Clark, Virginia Tech / B

Chuck Clark provides another jolt of athleticism in the secondary and I would not be surprised if somewhere down the line, Clark earned the opportunity to be the starter at FS. Working behind Eric Weddle will give him an opportunity to learn some of the games finer nuisances and develop into a well rounded player on the back end.