The Friday Sports Report – 2017 NFL Draft Predictions


We’ll take a look at some offense this Friday and come back to look at the defense next week.


Patrick Mahomes will be drafted in the top 10

More and more I believe that GMs and scouts are much higher on Patrick than the analytical community, and in my opinion they should be. He’s the top rated passer on our board and he possesses the highest ceiling in this draft class.

Three quarterbacks will go in the top 10

DeShaun WatsonYou read that right, I believe three passers will come off the board by the time that pick number eleven goes on the clock. Mitchell Trubisky is strongly linked to both the Bears and Jets while the 49ers are definitely in play for a quarterback at #2. The Los Angeles Chargers are rumored to be considering options if there is a certain signal caller available and the Bills and Browns are rumored to be exploring options to move up. With the outside chance that Arizona decides to jump into the fray there is a strong possibility that teams will look to the top of round 2 and not expect to be able to get a thrower from this class, forcing them to pay the first round premium or to go without.


  1. Three QBs in the top 10 in this years draft is indeed bold. I personally don’t see it with the lack of talent that the top prospects possess comparative to other draft seasons. Still with the emphasis on passing in this league it’s possible. Mahomes is an interesting pick for the first QB off the board and though I doubt it happens, it could be possible just like EJ Manual was over Geno Smith. Trubisky is still the defacto favorite.

    Dalvin Cook can indeed drop to the second on concerns of character, health and general devaluation of RBs as of late. McCaffery will indded go higher than expected because is a smart, tough utility player. His Pro Day was all about showcasing his exceptional receiving skills too. I personally would like to see my Ravens draft him even though many of my fellow fans want a top receiver, CB or edge rusher. McCaffery is good for just about any team and the Ravens have a need for his skills.

    Yancy is a talente WR and whoever gets him will have a steal. He’ll also probably play with a huge chip on his shoulder for being drafted in the 4th if he lasts that long.

    Two TEs in the firat round is a tall order but it is possible as well. I think both top players Howard and Ndjuko are worthy.

    Linemen are like QBs this year – limited talent pool. Cam Robinson has been the top O-line name for this year’s draft, but Forrest Lamp is a tremendous talent able to play all over the line. He is another name I’d love to have on my Ravens squad but he will likely be the 2nd, if not 1st lineman off the board (my own bold prediction) because he’s as tough as Robinson and has more versatility. It will depend on whether the forst team drafting that position wants a pure LT or a liineman than cans start day one anywhere.

  2. I don’t think Mahomes will be the first off the board. I think he will be the third after Trubisky and Watson but the potential is definitely there for all three to go off the board by the 10th pick.

    DeAngelo Yancey is projected to go starting in round 5 with potential to be a UDFA. I think he has more upward mobility in his stock than he’s getting credit for and the 4th round should be in play for a developmental receiver with a lot of upside.

    I have Garett Bolles as my top rated lineman in this class regardless of position. However, Robinson has some very good traits that can be molded and if he lands in the right situation he could be a high level tackle. This prediction comes from a Jacksonville insider that is absolutely convinced that the Jaguars will move down from #4 overall and take Cameron. I’m not 100% sold on that, but it makes for an interesting wrinkle for the top of the draft. I think the more likely reality is that your Ravens will probably be staring down the barrel when making a decision on drafting Cam or letting him pass.


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